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Is there any plan to refine the tab order for the application? Two examples: I figure the cursor should always be in the password field as that is the only option to type on the lock screen. Often times, if I bring the application back from being minimized, the cursor is not in the password field and I have to tab or click to get it there.

Additionally, once you unlock and search for a login, I figured the proper tab order would be to go from the search field to the first item in the list. Such that you could strike enter and the details of that item you selected will be displayed. I understand that my workflows are not like others, but that logically (to me) seems like the proper order. Often times I have found that I tab, hit enter and then am locking myself out of the application - like a dunce. I do love me some keyboard shortcuts - blame my company who is strong on mouse usage reduction and ergonomics.

1Password Version: 1Password 6.0.179d
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 7
Sync Type: 1PW Families


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    Hi @cwanja,

    Yes, we do have plans to optimize the focusing and tabbing process in the app once we start to polish up the interface, which is later in the development process when the UI is stabilized with less breaking changes.

    Even tabbing in the item editor could be improved as well, it should skip labels like username and password since they are not supposed to be editable in the Logins category. Tabbing from the last field should tab to the save button instead of the vault selector.

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