Change users on Mac app

My family uses a desktop mac. We stay logged in as a single mac user. I installed the Mac app and the Chrome extension.

We are using the "family" version of 1password. It is perfect in that we have a shared vault of password, but each of us has our own set of passwords we want private.

The problem is that we want to switch between users in the Mac app so we can access our private passwords and have Chrome fill in our passwords. It seems like the Mac app only supports a single user sign in.

Is there a way to switch between users? We don't want to log in and out of the Mac account each time another one of us sits down.

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  • JacobJacob

    Team Member

    Hi @mgutman! Good question. At the moment this isn't possible in 1Password for Mac. It's something we've had a lot of requests for, though, and your vote is appreciated as well. :) The proper way to do this right now is with separate OS X user accounts so each person can have their own 1Password account in the app. Hope that helps.

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