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  • I have all of my information on the primary and when I go to apple watch it asks for my pin. I put it in and still nothing shows up on my watch. very confusing for such a simple task. I need help with this unless I just do not have that feature yet.

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    @gonesouth1965 So you didn't move your data to your family account? If you do have stuff in your Primary vault and it has an Apple Watch tag, it should be available on your Watch as well. Let's test it by tapping "Add to Apple Watch" on an item and see if it shows up there. Let us know what happens. :)

  • I can't get pass the following screen/message on Apple Watch "You can add items from the 1Password app on your phone Requires Pro Features". Swiping up/down, left/right doesn't do anything on Apple Watch.

    1Password Version: Not Provided
    Extension Version: Not Provided
    OS Version: Not Provided
    Sync Type: Not Provided

  • 1Password Version: 6.3.1 (631005)
    Extension Version: 1Password Safari and also for Dell
    OS Version: OS X El Capital 10.11.5
    Sync Type: Primary Vault with iCloud

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    Nope that is the issue. They have tags to that say Apple Watch but when I go to the watch it tells me that I need pro features. Strange!

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    @gonesouth1965 Well that's very interesting. Could you check the Pro Features section of 1Password's settings to see if they show that they're purchased? If so, try rebooting your devices. If not, make sure you're signed in to your account so you can use the Pro Features. Let us know how that goes!

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    @gonesouth1965: This is also confusing, because 1Password for Apple Watch will show that message any time it isn't receiving data...because it has no way of knowing why it isn't getting anything. This could be because the Pro upgrade is not present, the Apple Watch feature is disabled, no supported items have been added from the Primary vault, or there is simply no communication from the iPhone (usually due to Bluetooth failure).

    Make sure that you're adding items from your Primary vault. Add to Apple Watch is only available for specific item types in a Primary vault. You can manually add the tag to other items, but they will not show up.

    I definitely feel your pain, as I've had similar issues with many apps on my Watch. For some reason iOS doesn't always send over the app to the Watch correctly. :(

    As Jacob mentioned, make sure you have installed 1Password for iOS itself using the correct Apple ID for Pro Features to be able to restore the purchase there (1Password Settings > Pro Features > Restore). Double-check to verify that it's showing as purchased there in the first pace, as otherwise it simply won't work.

    Next, make sure that 1Password Settings > Apple Watch > Enable Apple Watch is on.

    Then, you need to choose Add to Apple Watch for each item you want to show there.

    Finally, if you're still having trouble, please do the following:

    1. Connect both the Apple Watch and iPhone to power
    2. Open the Watch app on your iPhone, scroll down to 1Password, and set Show on Apple Watch to the off position
    3. Open 1Password on your iPhone and go to Settings > Apple Watch and set Enable Apple Watch to the off position
    4. Wait for it to stop saying "Uninstalling..." (this may never happen, but give it 5 minutes and then move on)
    5. View the apps on your actual Watch and if it is gone (in some cases, even those that completed "Uninstalling..." still show up)
    6. If it's still shown there, hold your finger on it and then tap the (x) (this may not work either)
    7. Regardless, hold the pill-shaped Side Button on the Watch and Power Off (you'll need to disconnect the power temporarily to do this)
    8. Then hold the Lock Button on your iPhone and Slide to Power Off (you'll need to disconnect the Watch from power temporarily)
    9. Power on both the Apple Watch and iPhone
    10. Verify that 1Password is not shown on the Apple Watch and that this is reflected in the Watch app on the iPhone as well (if not, go back to the beginning)
    11. In 1Password on the iPhone, set Enable Apple Watch to on
    12. In Watch on the iPhone, go to 1Password and set Show on Apple Watch to on
    13. Wait for the app to finish Installing...

    I've had success with this process when all else failed. It isn't fun, but neither is stuff not working on my Watch. Looking forward to watchOS 3. Let me know how it turns out!

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    @beautifulgrl: I hope you don't mind, but I've merged your posts with another similar discussion. Please see my post above and let me know if that information helps! :)

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