Can't Open Windows App on my PC

After I restored my 1password account the 1Password App on my pc still only accepted my old password, the one that belonged to the old account key which was supposed to have gone obsolute upon restoration of my account. When i logged into the windows beta app with my old account i proceeded to log into my new account through the app which worked, however since then i have been unable to open up the 1password app. Clicking on the icon brings up a popup asking me to give 1password permission to make changes to my computer but clicking yes or no does not do anything. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app numerous times and it keeps happening. The only way i am able to access my 1password app on windows is by trying to download the app while the app is already installed which brings up the options to repair 1password or remove it. If i repair 1password and the computer restarts it brings up the popup to give permission to make changes but upon clicking yes allows me to log in, but as soon as i minimize or close the 1password app it goes back to doing nothing more than opening the popup and not letting me access my data.

I can still access all of my 1password data online and on my android so i know that my account is still active but need to be able to access my 1password data on my laptop when not online.

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  • @bdgeddert sorry for the confusion, please open %LOCALAPPDATA%\1Password folder and rename or move away 20160514.sqlite file. That will force the app to start over. Hope that helps :)

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    Hi @bdgeddert,

    To clarify Serg's post:

    1. Close 1Password if it is running
    2. Open Windows File Explorer and enter %LOCALAPPDATA%\1Password in the address bar
    3. Rename 20160504.sqlite file to old-db.sqlite and open 1Password
    4. Sign in to your 1Password account and you should be all set to go now
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