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I am interested in trying the free trial, and specifically the families features. I created a 1password account, then clicked on the 'Invite People...' link in the drop down under my name. A window appeared asking to upgrade to families. I clicked on that and was asked to create a domain for my family. I did that, then a window appeared asking me to invite others. I clicked 'next' on this window, but was immediately taken back to the main dashboard. There is now a 'shared' vault but there's no reference to my domain. Also, the text in the shared vault says 'Everyone in your individual can view and edit items in this vault.' which is awkward and I can't parse. When I click on the 'Invite People...' link in the drop down again, I am prompted again to upgrade to a family plan. I would like clarification as to how this is supposed to work.

Also, when trying to get to help, I clicked 'Help & Support' in the drop down under my name and was 404d ( So yeah, not a great start.

Thanks for any help.

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  • So it looks like my account is now changed to a family account and it looks more like what I would expect.

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    Thanks for the update @ab48. Just to be clear: everything seems to be working now?


  • sjksjk oversoul 1Password Alumni
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    I clicked 'Help & Support' in the drop down under my name and was 404d (

    That page was moved to during recent support site updates. We'll make sure 'Help & Support' from the app ends up there, or some other place, instead of Page not found.

    Thank you for discovering and reporting this, @ab48. :+1:

    Edit: Already fixed!

    ref: b5-1864

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