Unable to retain individual "personal" vaults.

Hi, I'm using 1Password 6 on my mac and 1Password 6 Beta for Windows 7 on my wife's computer. In order to set up Families on my wife's computer I seem to be required by necessity to login to the whole Families administrator account. Basically, the problem is that as a result of this neither of us actually retains an individual personal vault. What I put into my personal vault goes into her personal vault, and vice versa. How do I set this up so we have shared and separate personal vaults, which is what I'm relatively sure was supposed to be the entire point?

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    Hi @adrian12345,

    Thanks for taking the time to contact us. I'm sorry you're having some trouble.

    You should each have your own account within the family with separate Master Passwords and separate Account Keys. She should use her own Master Password and Account key to sign in to the app.

    1. Sign in to your account on 1Password.com.
    2. Click your account name in the top right corner, then choose Admin Console.
    3. Click Family Members.

    Do you see your wife listed there separately from yourself? If not, you still need to invite her to the family:

    Click the plus button to the left of the search field, then enter your wife's email addresses and click Send Invitations.

    She'll go through the same process you did to create her own account which will give her her own Personal vault.

    Let me know how it goes or if you get stuck on any part.

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    Okay, that was a user 1d10t error. I figured out the part about actually inviting family members.

    Unfortunately, that doesn't help me with my wife's computer because the 1Password 6.0.183d will only let me login to the administrator account. I can't log in to her individual account that we set up for her when she accepted the invitation. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice already.

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    Hi Khad, looks like we cross-posted. Thanks for answering my question, but now I've moved on to the next issue, which is that I can't seem to log in to my wife's individual acount on her computer's 1password client.

    I tried logging into her account online and then using the qr reader, but the client won't bring up the scanner when I click on it.

  • Figured it out. Oof, the windows version is totally not as intuitive as the mac version.

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    Really sorry for the trouble, but I'm glad you were able to get it sorted out! Please do let me know if there is anything else I can help with. If not, have a fantastic rest of your weekend!

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