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I purchased 1password for both mac and pc. I have some data on my mac, and i wish to setup my 1password account on my windows machine with that data. Ive been looking at the import/export features, but cannot seem to quite figure it out. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks :).


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    Hey there, agmcleod! Welcome to the forums!

    If you just want to move it from one to the other, simply copy the 1Password.agilekeychain from the Mac to your PC. You can find it easily by opening Preferences > General, and viewing its location under Data FIle.

    During this process, keep in mind that OS X and Windows display the 1Password data a bit differently. On the Mac, it will appear to be a single file (which is actually a "bundle" or "package" which contains many other files and folders), and on the PC it will look like a folder with various subfolders and files in it. If you copy the 1Password.agilekeychain and its contents in full, you'll be all set.

    Once you have your 1Password data on your PC, just select the data folder in 1Password to use it.

    If, however, you want to keep your 1Password data synchronized between the two, you can use Dropbox to do this automatically. Once you have it set up on your Mac, just install Dropbox on your PC and have 1Password use the data in your Dropbox folder.

    I hope this helps. If you have any questions at all, just let me know. :)
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    agmcleod wrote:

    I purchased 1password for both mac and pc.

    It seems clear to me, agmcleod, from the fact that you bought 1Password for both platforms (thank you!) that you want to run it on both platforms. :D I assume you're just wanting to "seed" 1Password for Windows with the 1Password data on your Mac.

    To share and sync your 1Password data among PCs, Macs, and mobile devices (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7), just set up Dropbox as described in the following documents.

    The "big picture":

    Windows-specific instructions:
  • Thanks for the tips. Given the recent dropbox security worries, would you absolutely recommend dropbox for storing the passwords? Passing around the data file sounds simple enough. I'd say my mac is my "main" computer persay, so ill have a need for it to be the core, where as most of the passwords i have now will be fine on my PC.

    Thanks for the quick replies :).
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    Any time! I absolutely recommend Dropbox sync, and I use it myself. The recent security and policy issues surrounding Dropbox are indeed troubling, but I would not store any data in the cloud -- regardless of the service used -- were it not encrypted.

    Your sensitive 1Password data is encrypted before it ever leaves your system, and can only be decrypted using your Master Password. While any cloud service may suffer security failures or direct attacks at any time, we built our data format to hold up even if it falls into the wrong hands. We have a great knowledgebase article that goes into more detail, in case you are interested.

    On a more philosophical note, the fact that Dropbox has responded to the most recent issues quickly and is being more open now makes me feel a lot better about using their service. I was more upset by their attitude initially than anything else, since 1Password encrypts my data in the first place. They have made a lot of changes in their policies, their practices, and their software, so I feel a lot better about the whole thing now.

    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions. :)
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