Stop putting up "Have a Recovery Plan..." banner. I don't need it and it covers up the search box

How can I make this stop showing up without actually adding a recovery person? It's very annoying as it makes me need to close it every time before I search.

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  • PilarPilar

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    Hi @kdavh

    I'm sorry to hear that you're not too happy with the banner and where it's placed. There are two things that I'd like to comment on. First of all, I want to mention how important having a recovery plan is. I know we always think "that would never happen to me, I'm very careful", but sometimes thingsout of our control can happen and we end up on a situation we didn't think of. The only reason why we stress it so much is because we can't recover your data for you, so we want to make sure you can :chuffed:

    That being said, the banner should not be covering the search box, but be on top of everything and not intrusive. You can see how it should look like here:

    Is this different from what you're seeing? Can you please tell us in which browser this is happening and what version it is? If what you are seeing is different, could you please show us a screenshot similar to mine so we can have a better idea of what the problem is?

    I hope to hear back from you soon so we can get this sorted out! :chuffed:

  • Hi Pilar,

    Thanks for the reply, and thanks for the reminder of the importance of a recovery plan.

    The problem is on Chrome OS, using the chrome browser ( OS Version 51.0.2704.79 (64-bit) )

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    Thanks for that screenshot. It does appear to be pushing the entire top bar down on top of the rest of the content which isn't intended. I'll report this, so we can get it resolved in an update. We really appreciate you bringing this to our attention.

    I'll admit I'm not too well-versed in Chrome OS versioning, but Chrome for Mac is at version 52.0.2743.82. Is there an update available to Chrome (or the OS?) on your device? I'm wondering if there was a bug in that version of Chrome that Google fixed in the latest update.
    ref: B5-1869

  • @khad Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately I updated to the latest version (52.0.2743.85 (64-bit)) and I still see the issue.

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    Thanks for checking at least. It's on our list now. :+1:

  • FYI, this actually is a bug on Chrome for Mac as well (so probably widespread). I realized to make the bug appear, you have to:

    Log in, go to a "all vaults" (probably to any vault would work), sign out, then sign back in again. It takes you directly to the vault screen, and the notification is overlapping the search field as shown above.

    Practically, how I see this issue: Log in, go to a "all vaults" (probably to any vault would work), wait 10 minutes for auto-sign out, sign back in again. It takes you directly to the vault screen with overlapping.

    I don't have a

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Interesting. I'm not sure why that would make any difference. But it is worth noting. Thanks for the update and the continued feedback on this.


  • JasperJasper

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    Hi @kdavh,

    This issue should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting it!

  • Thank you. Fixed.

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    Thanks for the update @kdavh!


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