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I have an individual 1password account for Mac. My husband and I are going into business together and will need to access the same passwords for accounts. He does not have 1password. In order to make this happen would a) he get his own individual 1password account and then I could share a vault with him or b) we get the 1password team or family in order to share passwords? Also, does it matter that some of our devices are Macs and others are not?

Thank you!

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  • JacobJacob

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    Hey @hannahbsturm! Congrats on the business plans. :) To share passwords with each other, I'd recommend signing up for 1Password Families since it will just be the two of you, and you are after all a family. You'll both get the apps on every device you need included with the subscription. I searched for accounts under your email address and didn't find any, so there's one bit of confusion I wanted to clear up: If you purchased 1Password before February 2016, you own a standalone license for one (or more) of the 1Password apps. You can certainly move to an account, but you don't have one right now.

    So, to get started with 1Password Families, sign up and follow the steps here to move your current data over:

    Move your existing 1Password data to a 1Password account

    If you have any questions at all, just let us know.

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