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I'm confused about the pricing for a subscription. The website clearly says $2.99 but when I try to unfreeze my account by a subscription it says I will pay $4.99/month (paid annually)? Is it $2.99 and how do I start a subscription with frozen account without getting to pay $4.99?

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    Okay, I get it now. The account was configured as a families account. Tried to convert it to individual but it says there is already another individual account on that email address. Which is true. However, I find no way of deleting my families account (in the Mac OS X app) in favor of the individual account I already have.

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    Hi @pakerfeldt! Sorry for the confusion. I'm glad you found out what was happening. :) To delete your family account, sign in to it and click the family name in the top right. Choose Family Settings and at the bottom of the page there will be an option to delete the account. Then you should be all set to use the individual one! Let us know if you have any questions.

  • @Jacob I have deleted my account (I believe). However, it's still listed in the 1Password client (MacOS) and I find no way of removing it?

  • Omg. Can't believe I missed the Sign out button, @Jacob. For some reason my mind was only set to find something along the lines of "remove", "delete" or a minus sign. All clear!

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    Perfect! :lol: Glad to hear you got things sorted out so quickly.

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