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The other day, I set up a 1Password account for individuals (asking here because this comes close to "Families", right? ;) ). I moved some data from a vault I had in Dropbox to the new account. What I noticed is that 1Password accounts seem to handle attachments to Secure Notes differently than the standalone version.
Now, under “All Items”, I have the note itself, and separate entries form the attachments. Clicking on a linked attachment in a note brings me to the entry for the attachment, in which I have to click the file to view it. I find this very cumbersome and would rather open attached files by clicking on them in my notes.
Is there a way to achieve this?

Many thanks in advance!

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  • MaxSiegelMaxSiegel
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    Hi @MarkVeldhuis!

    Thank you for writing in. You are more than welcome to comment in any way, shape, or form. ;)

    You're correct, with the move to 1Password accounts, attachments are now linked, rather than directly attached. Other customers have given us feedback about this as well, and we've also spoken internally about implementing a change to the way we handle attachments. I'll add your vote to the mix.

    Currently, you can click a note and then click on the associated document to download and view it. It's a couple of extra clicks, but I realize if you're doing this many times a day, that adds up. I'm curious, how are you generally using Secure Notes and attachments? :)

    ref: OPM-4096

  • MarkVeldhuisMarkVeldhuis
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    Hi @maxrsiegel, thanks for your reply!
    Good to see this is something that might be changed in the future. Is there a technical reason why the files are now linked, rather than directly attached? From a user's point of few, it doe not make much sense to be honest.
    If you decide to change it back to the old behaviour, I guess it will all be automatic, and notes and their attachments will become one entry again? No action from the user required?
    I use Secure Notes to store some sensitive documents, scans of receipt and official paperwork, etc. I find 1Password to be great for that. :)

    Thanks again. I'm glad it's not a bug or something wrong at my end. ;)

  • MaxSiegelMaxSiegel
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    You are welcome, @MarkVeldhuis! Nope, it isn't user error at all. ;) The intention of related items was to be able to easily add a reference from one item to another item, by attaching a simple UUID (universally unique identifier) to the item.

    And that's a great question. I don't yet have an answer for how our new-and-improved attachment method will be implemented, but what you suggested certainly makes the most sense to me. :) Be sure to check out our upcoming app updates' release notes to find out when there's news on that front.

    And cool, I also use Secure Notes for the same purpose. I find it's particularly handy if I'm at the DMV and have to fill out paperwork for vehicle registration and miscellaneous information… just refer to that note in 1Password on my iPhone, and I'm all set!

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