Convert to individual account fails with "Invalid Request Parameter"


Just trying to convert an account from Family to Individual on /settings/account, after confirming it pops "Error - Failed to switch to individual account. Invalid request parameters."

Is there a workaround? Up for renewal in a few days and wanted to switch before the next sub fee.

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OS Version: Not Provided
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  • JacobJacob

    Team Member

    Hi @kalunky! I'm sorry for the trouble, and the confusing error. Does your account have another member or guest? Individual accounts are for just one member and they don't include guests so if you have either, delete them from your account and you'll be able to convert to an individual one. :) Members or guests can move their data to their own 1Password account if they'd like so they still have access to it. Hope that helps!

  • Perfect! Thanks for the help!

  • JacobJacob

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    No problem at all. :) We're here if you need anything else.

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