Can't install on new computer: Family account. Has something changed?

I am VERY frustrated. I have used 1Password for quite some time, and have it installed on a few computers with my family license. Trying now to install it on a new computer but it's asking me for a "Sign-in Address" and an "Account Key", neither of which I can find anywhere. When I give email address and ask for help, the email simply contains my license keys and I am no further than I was before. I do not have time for this.

Mac, Version 6.3.2 (latest)

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    Hi @Ron_Moser,

    Thanks for taking the time to write in. I apologize for the confusion. We recently launched a new subscription service -- 1Password Families, that uses those fields. Traditional 1Password licenses (even the older "Family" licenses) do not.

    When you first launch 1Password you'll be prompted to either sign-in to your account or to use existing 1Password data ("Already have 1Password data somewhere else?"). 1Password accounts only come with a subscription. If you have a license, but not a subscription, you do not have an account, and will need to use the blue text bottom option.

    That will allow you to sync your existing data:

    How to sync your 1Password data

    Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience!


  • Where do I find the web page or app that generated the Welcome message shown in this stream? I have both my wife's and my emergency kits and I cannot determine if I am being asked for my or my wife's emergency kit information. This is not a real straight forward procdure.

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    @GeorgeMason I'm sorry for the confusion. The screenshot Ben posted is a bit old. In the latest version of 1Password, you can sign in to your account by opening the app and clicking Sign In. With family accounts, you and your wife have separate accounts as members of the same 1Password family. To sign in, use the details from your Emergency Kit or your wife's. Signing in with hers will mean you are signed in to her account.

    We'd be happy to clear up some of the specifics regarding your account, and it looks like Alex is doing that with you via email. Let's keep the conversation there for now.

    ref: DXI-94317-648

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