How do delete Mac App Store Account

I am pretty sure the video on the "Get The Apps" page would have prevented my issue, but I did not see that until I got where I am.

I have created a Family Account, gotten all the 1PW items into the Shared Vault, invited by wife and confirmed her. We have different Master Passwords for the Family online account and the licensed software we purchased from the MAS. I do not want two different passwords. Nor do I want to have to keep getting software updates from the MAS. So what is the best approach? Remove the 1PW I bought from iTunes? Just change the master password? Something else?

Should I get the Mac App from the Get the Apps page?

And if I remove/delete the MAS software, will that remove the data? My wife and I previously have been syncing our data across our various iOS devices and MacBooks through DropBox.

1Password Version: 6.5.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: MacOS 10.12.1
Sync Type: DropBox


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    Hey @Gordon101! I'm sorry for the confusion here. If you purchased from the Mac App Store recently, please send us a message at [email protected] with your receipt and we'll get you some subscription credit for the purchase. To start using 1Password with your account, let's move your existing data over:

    Move your existing 1Password data to a 1Password account

    Then sign in to your account on all your devices and your data will be synced automatically. You can remove your old vault from your devices as well, following the steps in that guide. Let us know how it goes. :)

  • Jacob - I do not qualify for a rebate from the MAS purchase. But thanks for thinking about that.

    Both my wife and I have used the same data in a single vault for years. That data is now in the Family vault. When I open 1PW on my Mac, I have the option to choose between 3 vaults - Personal and Shared in the Family plan and my old vault on my Mac.

    My wife however does not have that choice - we really need to get her so when she opens 1PW on her MacBook, she can use the Shared Family vault data. Could this be as simple as deleting 1PW from her MacBook (it is a MAS version obtained via the iTunes Family Sharing feature.) and then installing again on her MacBook? There is a link for getting Apps located at which is named "Get 1Password for Mac"

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    @Gordon101 Thanks for clarifying. It sounds like your wife hasn't signed in to her family account in the app yet. The guide I mentioned in my last post will help her sign in and move over any existing data. It will also help her remove her old vault so she can just use the family account going forward. :)

  • Jacob Bingo on my wife's setup. Now I have an item on my 1PW. To unlock 1PW on my MacBook, I have to use the old Password - the one we used with the licensed copy before converting to the Family version. When I open up 1PW, I have 3 different vaults - Shared, Person and the old Licensed version which is named "Primary" How do I get rid of the Primary vault and get the unlock code changed to the new password we use in our browsers? (Some how just changing the password does not seem like the right way - since magically using the QR code on my wife's MacBook changed the login Password needed.

    Also we need to ditch the current 1PW versions on our iOS devices. I understand the easy way is just delete or un-install on each iOS device, followed by a re-install. Can we use the QR code via the camera in our iOS devices?

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    @Gordon101 You can remove the old Primary vault on your MacBook by opening and unlocking 1Password, clicking the vault menu in the top left of the window, and choosing Primary. Then choose 1Password -> Delete Vault from the menu bar. You need to move all the items out of it for this to work.

    On your iOS devices, you can reset the apps by tapping Settings -> Advanced -> Reset All 1Password Data in the apps themselves rather than reinstalling the app — it saves a few minutes. Then you can scan the QR code during setup. :) Hope that helps!

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    No problem :+1:

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