what happens with my 1P licenses - 'cause i have more than one, after i move to subscription model?

Hey There, great people of Agilebits Team,

what happens with my 1P licenses - 'cause i have more than one, after i move to subscription model?
If I would decide e.g. a years later, that subscription is not for me ...
do i still have my normal 1P licenses available?

I don't want to loose it, I'd like to have the possibility to be able to roll-back to a non-subscription model - cause i don't want to be dependent on services i that way.
I had some very difficult times in my life, where i had to start new from scratch and no money, credit cards at all - and if this would ever happen again, i want to have my data / passwords in my control via 1Password "old fashioned" app... not in the cloud. Okay this is extreme, but still - everything is possible. Just wanna keep, what i have payed for.

Hope my point/question was clear for you guys.

all the best,


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  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator

    Licences never expire, so you are OK.

    If there were a major upgrade of 1PW (from version 6 to version7) there might well be an upgrade price, but you can stay with version 6 as long as your version of the operating system supports it, and the only time you HAVE to change operating system is perhaps with a new computer.

  • JacobJacob

    Team Member

    Hi @mrTP! Thanks for asking. :) Your licenses will stay around after switching to a subscription. They're a separate purchase from your subscription, and they're for one version of 1Password. You can download that version in the future and use the license for it, as danco mentioned. The subscription will give you access to 1Password on all your devices, while the licenses are limited to desktop computers. Hope this helps.

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