Families compatibility for Apple Watch?

I've seen several threads stating you guys were working on adding support for families on the Apple Watch. Those posts were at least a couple months ago. Is there any update on this? I'm currently using the trial on my account and if that feature is still quite a while out on the roadmap, I don't think I will be continuing beyond the trial. For me, this feature is what I want in a password manager so I can somewhat discretely pull up my passwords instead of using a large phone screen. Thanks.


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    Hi @jadewolf05! Thanks for checking in. I was just talking with a teammate about this the other day. We're working on it, but I don't have a timeline to share on the release at the moment. Keep an eye out. :)

    ref: OPI-3410

  • hello @Jacob I got a brand new apple Watch and was excited to use my 1password family items on Apple Watch, but iOS app still doesnt support Apple watch for 1password.com stored items. Why is it still not possible?

  • AGAlumBAGAlumB 1Password Alumni

    @telephoneman: 1Password for iOS and the Apple Watch app both predate 1Password Families (and other subscription plans) by a significant margin, so it doesn't know how to use its data there. In the same regard, it isn't possible to tack on support for 1Password Accounts to the existing app easily, so we've been working on a brand new one, both for that express purpose and to take advantage of other improvements in the latest versions of watchOS. And of course these things take time. The bad news is it isn't ready yet. But the good news is we're testing it currently in beta, so we're hoping to make it available to everyone shortly. Thanks for your patience! :)

  • I replied to a different thread about this issue. Now I understand the complexity. Thanks for the detailed explanation brenty. Looking forward to this update!

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    @hobbz: You're very welcome, but I'm also very sorry that this complexity is affecting you and others. We try really hard to reduce complexity so 1Password users don't need to worry about this stuff, and I apologize where we've failed in this regard. We're working hard to get the new app out to everyone, and really appreciate the patience and understanding while we focus on that! :blush:

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