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After looking into the subscription service for individuals, I thought I might give it a trial and see if I could find an excuse to give AgileBits some more money. Instead, after 12 hours of frustration with the simple (I assumed) act of migrating my "standalone" vault to the new account system, I'm thinking maybe I should give my money to someone else. The culprit? this deceptively simple line in the instructions for moving my vault to the account system: "Tap Move Items to move your 1Password data into your new account." Oh, if only it were that simple. You see, I have no "Move Items" anywhere that I can find. Of course, there's the disclaimer that says "If you have more than one vault, 1Password won’t ask to move your data to your new account," but I don't have more than one vault. Well, I didn't have more than one vault until I signed up for the account system. Now I have my "Primary" vault and a new "Personal" one, the latter created by the trial and apparently only deleteable by ending the trial. So is this new one counting as a second vault, effectively creating the very situation that prevents me from syncing? If not, why can I not "Move Items" if I only have one vault? All this, of course, comes after the frustration that came last night of not being able to scan a QR code because I only had my iPhone, but there being no clear directions about what to put in the area of the account setup. (Of course! It's "my!" So intuitive! I could have saved 30 minutes if I'd just guessed that everyone starts with the same URL, instead of thinking it would be a unique username. /rolleyes)

So anyway, I'm clicking "Post Question" then I'm going to start Googling for ways to migrate my 1Password to another service. I never imagined it would be this tedious just to transition to a subscription service. Never has been with anyone else.

1Password Version: 6.4.5
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 10
Sync Type: Dropbox


  • JacobJacob

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    Hi @TXCiclista! Thanks for posting about this. I'm very sorry for the confusion our migration article caused. It was updated for a version of 1Password for iOS that is still in beta. I've just corrected that issue so you can use it if you'd like to move to your account.

    To sign in to your account on your iPhone, tap Settings, then 1Password Accounts, then Add Account. Then tap Scan QR Code and use your QR code from your Emergency Kit or Get the Apps page to enter your sign-in address, email address, and Account Key automatically. Lastly, enter your Master Password and tap Sign In and your account is added the app.

    Move your items by tapping them, scrolling to the bottom of the item details, and tapping Move and Copy -> Move -> Personal. You can move them all at once from a Mac or Windows computer if you'd like.

    Once again, sorry for the confusion. Hope this helps clear things up.

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