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I recently had a difficult issue that required one on one assistance, and I had five different "support" members emailing at all hours of the day and night. I needed far more focussed assistance, and by the time it was over, there was absolute chaos and confusion with nobody at 1Password even knowing that three other tech support helpers had already recommended the changes to make (and all three made totally different recommendations), with nobody ever talking to anybody there or reading the issue history so that every recommendation that was made just added to the total confusion.

Agile absolutely refuses to pick up the phone or call under any circumstances. They just keep sending cute little robot messages indicating how much they care and help is on the way (nothing could be farther from the truth). So after three weeks of headaches and confusion, I actually found it easier to totally give up on 1Password, and start all over with another password app, entering everything individually all over again. And being free of the disjointed, "tech support" and inability to ever talk to anybody under any circumstances, has been a huge relief not having to deal with this group of protected developers who will not ever talk to a customer--and I mean NEVER. So if you are considering this product, beware that you are on your own, email support is totally chaotic and responses unpredictable, and if you ever are at a loss, you are really totally on your own!!

P.S. The team at the new app I chose to replace 1Password happily picks up their phone on the first ring to help, so they must not be as busy and important as the protected "specialists" at 1Password claim to be.

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  • Honestly, I couldn't agree more. Sadly, this has become a "thing", and not just for companies like Agilebits, where you pay money for something, and you get referred to "community support". Utter nonsense. I couldn't even be provided with a .pdf document to print out, in readable format, a User manual.

    Seriously, do customer appreciation or support even exist these days?

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    Hi @lmtmd2! Thanks for posting about your experience. I appreciate the perspective. Quite simply, with it being the holidays, we have several thousand people reaching out to us via email. The forum is at the top of our list, and lots of people ask questions here so it's a great place for others to find answers.

    I see you got in touch with us last month and there was certainly quite a large conversation there, which is expected since there were a few things going on. Laura and the team did their best to help and we didn't hear back from you after the last reply. We're happy to continue helping out if you need us. We're trying our best, please know that. There are so many ways to put it, and it seems most of them may not appeal to you. Phone support just isn't realistic for us right now — we'd like to be able to reply to everyone, and even that is a challenge. Adding calls will stretch us even more thin.

    So, if you do have some questions, post them here and we'll continue to do our best.

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    @AgileSupportSeeker Did you email us recently as well? I found a message from you last year, but not recently. I did see that you had a conversation going with Brenty over in the Windows category. The forum is indeed a community, but it's run by us at AgileBits. We respond to every post ourselves, even if someone else has answered it. :)

    I would explain that we care about support, but many know that actions speak louder than words. You can see our actions in this forum. We're here if you need us.

  • I don't feel it or see it. Very pricey product with completely disjointed support process.Tech responses are essentially random as to when you will get any type of response and your left hand has no idea what your right hand has told the very same customer. If you actually had to experience what we do as customers, you would be shocked and embarrassed. It's that bad, honestly!! You are living in a closed culture with no idea how customers are being treated. Your happy young company is all drinking the same koolaid in your belief that your support is "just fine". Truly,if you ever endured it yourself you would have a very different idea of how your long time faithful customers are being treated. I am incredibly disappointed at your cavalier attitude about just "being too busy" to make major changes to improve support experience. Good bye---A 9 year customer!!!

    If you cannot properly service a high volume of customers, then maybe you should re-evaluate your business model. You are going to be losing many more if you don't improve your ability to fully support large volumes of customers with something other than randomly written emai upon email---ever increasing confusion with each one! And you are NOT "here if you need us"!! LT

  • Hey Jacob,

    That's terrific!

    What's the Agilebits phone number so that I can call you or one of the other help desk technicians directly? I have some major problems going on currently with the Purchased Agilebits Windows 4, Subscription iOS, and Windows 6 applications that I need to get sorted out.


    Marc R Caldwell

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    @AgileSupportSeeker: As Jacob mentioned, we don't have a call center with "operators standing by". We're a small company spread out across the world, and we've found it's simply easier to provide the instructions so you can follow them step by step when it's convenient for you. For example, it is impossible to receive a Diagnostics Report over the phone, and following steps at your own pace is a huge advantage of forum and email support. And of course it's important for us to know what you need help with in the first place, so be sure to let us know!

    But of course if you would prefer email support, you can email us instead: [email protected] It is the same team of people replying both here and via email, but if you prefer email, please do include a link to this thread in your email, along with your forum username so that we can "connect the dots" and attach a Diagnostics Report. You should receive an automated reply from our BitBot assistant with a Support ID number. Please post that number here so we can quickly track down your email and ensure that it is dealt with quickly. Thanks in advance! :)

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    @lmtmd2: Indeed, without knowing even the basic information you left out of your original and subsequent posts (OS, 1Password, and device versions, the issue you're having, etc.) it isn't going to be possible for you to get the support you want and deserve. Absolutely there's room for us to improve our support, and we'd love to hear if you have specific suggestions in that vein. I think it would be best to focus on getting any issues you're still having resolved first though. We haven't given up on you, but if you're truly throwing in the towel I wish you the best. Either way, I hope you have a happy new year. :blush:

  • So tell me brenty, which application would you care to see a diagnostics report from?

  • JacobJacob

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    @AgileSupportSeeker It depends on the issue at hand. I noticed you said there's trouble on each of the devices. You can simply send us a report from each one, and a description of what is happening with each. That'll get things started. :)

  • Okay, I'll give 1Password the benefit of the doubt for the moment. I've emailed three diagnostic reports, each from their individual platforms and an additional email which details what I need to accomplish. I would prefer to stretch the time of support delivery out longer using one person, than have multiple people attacking the issue with poor communication. For me, it simplifies accountability. I've purchased 1Password on multiple platforms in good faith because overall, I do believe in the product. But, if you provide something to a consumer such as myself, there is an expectation that neither the product, nor the support follow in the footsteps of Microsoft.

    Fair enough?

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    @AgileSupportSeeker: I don't see any emails in the inbox from this address, otherwise I'd be looking at this for you right now. Can you post the Support ID(s) like I suggested when requesting the diagnostics? That will help me find your email(s) and get back to you sooner. Your right that it certainly complicates communication to have a lot of back and forth, so that's what I was trying to avoid with this suggestion; and going back and forth between forums and email doesn't help much either in that regard. Thanks in advance! :)

  • The last entry details what appears to be occurring as much as I can understand up until now, how I arrived there, and what I'm hoping to accomplish with support.

    1Password v.4 for Windows #EUL-73256-358

    1Password iOS 10.1.1 #LKK-72127-979

    1Password v.6 Beta for Windows #FKE-95745-497

    1Password Email Account Integration Issues Email #WGF-78951-839

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    @AgileSupportSeeker: Great! I've merged all of these into a single email thread with the following Support ID so you don't get 4 separate replies. I'm looking over all of the information you sent, and will get back to you shortly. :):+1:

    ref: LKK-72127-979

  • And, my apologies for not providing the support IDs earlier.

    I've taken the liberty of printing a hard copy of my data, but have only been successful extracting the Login IDs and associated data for myself from v.4 in a .CSV file should I need to start from scratch. Other data such as Accounts, Wallet, Software, and Secure Notes that I'm storing do not appear to be exporting however. Worse comes to worst, I can copy/paste without much effort should it become necessary. I've had to juggle databases before as a Systems Analyst, Help Desk Tech. ;)

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    First of all, no need to apologize. I just wanted to make sure I have all of the information you sent so I can review it and get back to you in a timely fashion. Thanks for letting me know about the export issue so I could address that as well. To avoid any further confusion though, let's keep the conversation going via email for now. I've just replied there. :)

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