trash can overlap?

I noticed that my trash can in my Primary vault seemed to have grown exponentially. Many of the items looked like they did not belong in the trash. However I did some testing and discovered that if I move an item from Primary to Families Shared that the item is then

a) moved to Families Shared
and then
b) moved to my Primary vault trash can

Is it ok to delete all those items (since 1 Password doesn't allow for individual item deletion) in my Primary Vault trash can without losing them in Families Shared?

Makes me nervous.

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  • brentybrenty

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    @guilford: Yes! What's happening is that a "move" operation between vaults is really "copy and then send to Trash". We want this to be non-destructive, so the data won't be deleted forever until you empty the Trash. But so long as it's in your vault (you can also verify this by logging into the website), removing the duplicates from the old vault's Trash won't affect the data in your account. I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • Thank you for the speedy feedback! Appreciate it.

  • brentybrenty

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    Any time! We're here if you have any other questions. Happy new year! :)

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