Scandic letters not sorted correctly in the list of logins

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Hello, this is a minor issue but I decided to report it anyway. Scandic letters (åäö) do not sort correctly in 1Password. When the list of logins is sorted by title, for example ä is treated like a and sorted in the beginning, but it should be sorted in the end.

EDIT: This was my fault, 1Password is correctly using system specified sort order. Problem was that I'm using English as my OS language, and in the OS's language settings I had list sort order settings set to universal. I changed that to my language, and now scandic letters are sorted like they should.

1Password Version: 6.5.3
Extension Version:
OS Version: 10.12.3
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • rudyrudy

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    Hi @finadeon,

    Its great to hear that you figured out why it wasn't sorting correctly!

    Let us know if you find any other issues.


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