Where'd button go?

iPass toolbar icon gone in FireFox
I am running FF 3.6.19. The 1Pass button has disappeared form my toolbar. The add-on list shows it still there. How do I get the button back?


  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
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    Rick, welcome to the forum!

    The following documents, particularly the second one, should help:
  • RickCunnRickCunn
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    Did I post in the correct spot? This is a confusing forum to navigate.

    I am running FF 3.6.19. 1pass is 3.6.19. Is there a compatibility problem? I was running FF 4.something but had a lot of problems with add-ons, so I rolled it back. Does 1pass work with the latest FF?
  • DBrownDBrown 1Password Alumni
    A version number of 3.6.x implies that you're using 1Password for Mac, in which case you've posted to the wrong forum. :) This is the 1Password for Windows forum. (1Password for Windows is currently at version 1.0.7.)

    I'm not sure about 1Password for Mac, but 1Password for Windows is confirmed to be compatible only with the current non-Beta versions of its supported browsers. (For Firefox, that's currently version 5.x, though I believe people are still using 1Password for Windows with Firefox 4.x; we're just not testing them together.)
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