Bug? 1Password Mini doesn't open when 1Password main is editing a note

edited February 2017 in Windows Beta

I've managed to track down what's causing a weird behaviour I've been experiencing the last few days.

Symptom: 1Password Mini (this is what we're calling the browser extension now, right?) won't open (ie. I click the icon, it appears and immediately disappears).

Cause: If the main 1Password window is visible and a Note is opened for editing.

What also happens is that the note stays open for editing but it reverts to the contents it had when it was first opened, ie. changes are lost.

This behaviour doesn't happen if i minimise the main application first - ie. 1Password Mini works, however the changes to the open Note are still lost.


1Password Version: 6.4.377d
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10 (1607)
Sync Type: Integrated


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @David Spink,

    Thanks for reporting this. This is a confirmed bug and we'll get it fixed very soon. The focus is in the editor, so bringing up 1Password mini would be dismissed immediately as 1Password refocuses the editor and that can cause the unsaved changes to be gone.

    1Password mini is the new name in 1Password 6, yes, but it is not the name of the 1Password browser extensions, they're still the same name. 1Password mini is the middle man for the extensions, handling the UI and data. It used to be 1Password Helper back in 1Password 4.

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