1P 6 on Win10: Force me to create 1password acct?

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I've been a user of 1password for many many years- I use it on Mac and now installing it on a new W10 device. I have my credentials on DropBox and I'm not interested in moving them to 1password servers.

The 1P 6 - fresh install on fresh W10 - it won't just let me put in my master password and read my Dropbox keychain? It comes up with a screen to either login to 1P "account" or create a new one.

Please tell me how to have it just read my keychain from Dropbox or where I can download 1P4.


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  • dilleradillera Junior Member

    Here is the screen that seems to come up no matter what:

  • dilleradillera Junior Member

    Wow looking at my profile I've been using 1P for at least 8 years. Please don't make me create a 1P account to continue using it.

  • dilleradillera Junior Member

    OK now I see why you are ignoring this. THERE is no other option.

    I'm off to find my old installer for 1P4 windows and use that.

    Sad sad days are here for 1P. Did the users actually ask for this? I'm not sure.

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    Hi @dillera,

    Thanks for writing in. We're not ignoring the thread, we just haven't gotten to your thread yet.

    1Password 6 is not an upgrade to 1Password 4, it is a new/young program only for 1Password.com memberships, that's why there is no option for local vaults, it is not supported nor fully implemented yet.

    For now, only 1Password 4 supports local vaults with Dropbox. You can find it here: https://agilebits.com/downloads

    We'd like to add full support for local vaults down the line to 1Password 6 but for now, we're focused on finishing up 1Password 6 with 1Password.com support first.

  • dilleradillera Junior Member

    You cannot find it on that page, but don't worry I posted a link here so people can actually find it.

    I find this behaviour deeply disturbing, and I'm sorry for what has happened to this once awesome company.


  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @Dillera,

    I'm not sure what you couldn't find, that link is where you can get 1Password 4. I just downloaded from that page and it gave me

    I've replied to your other thread: https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/77298/here-is-the-url-for-1p4-since-its-hard-to-find#latest

    To summarize, we have not change the download link for 1Password 4 for a decade, it is still the same place: https://agilebits.com/downloads

  • dilleradillera Junior Member
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    I'm talking about the 1password.com/downloads vs the agilebits.com/downloads page. They look practically the same and there is no verbiage around the fact of which version you are getting (you can see if you hover over the download link).

    This started for me trying to grab 1password to install on a new Win10 machine- I use a Mac 99% of the time. Google pops up 1password.com and I downloaded 6, thinking I'll go and upgrade from 4 to 6 now that it was out. Then I can't use my vault.

    I was mistaken in thinking that the same version (6) was also on the agilebits.com/download page. But I was incorrect- it had the 4.x version there.

    So there is confusion about what you are getting at 1password.com vs agilebits.com - that is the final outcome from this.

    Plus the fact that now I'm just waiting till the browser extensions stop working with personal vault versions..... It's only a matter of time I'm sure.

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

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    Hi @Dillera,

    Ah, that explains a lot. Google tends to focus on the newer links and we do want 1Password.com to show up first there for new customers.

    I'll see if we can make 1Password 4 more obvious on the 1Password.com for these google searches.

    Plus the fact that now I'm just waiting till the browser extensions stop working with personal vault versions..... It's only a matter of time I'm sure.

    It is, the extension depends on the browsers' ability to retain the APIs we use.

    1Password browser extensions do not have any data or UI, it mainly depends on the 1Password product itself to show the UI and data to you. So, as long as you keep using 1Password 4 with local vaults, the 1Password extension would continue to work the same way.

    In fact, we use the same browser extensions between 1Password 4 and 6. If you switch to 1Password 6, you wouldn't have to reinstall the extension, it would automatically switch to the 1Password 6's new mini UI.

    However, if Firefox or Chrome decides to switch their extension APIs and we no longer support 1Password 4, we may not be able to update the 1Password 4.x extensions to work with the new APIs.

  • dilleradillera Junior Member

    I told you guys -- you are screwing up a nice product and business just for more $. Sorry to see this happen to a great company.


  • brentybrenty

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    Good article. But the fact remains that nothing has changed for existing users.

    Okay, that's not quite true. Earlier this month we released an update to 1Password 4 with support for Native Messaging in Chrome, and so it can also work with upcoming changes to Firefox later this year. So you can continue to use 1Password as you have been, in spite of some pretty significant browser changes that could have prevented that if we weren't on top of it.

    And given that 1Password 4 is not for sale, we're definitely not doing it for the money. ;)

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