1Password for Teams - On-Premise / Self-Hosted Solution

I understand you guys are hard at work on 1Password for Teams as a hosted solution with a monthly/yearly subscription. Once you have achieved this goal and you're satisfied with it, I'd like to propose that you consider making an on-site, self-hosted solution of 1Password for Teams. There are many, many organizations that have strict auditing compliance issues and cannot store there data in any cloud, or perhaps cannot store there data in the US and must have it stored in Europe, for example. By having a self-hosted solution, you guys can capitalize on a larger range customers.

In terms of monetizing it, there's already a lot of guidance in this area. Just take a look at other on-premise solutions from companies such as Github or Atlassian. There are several great ways to charge for such a solution while maintaining a subscription model for ongoing revenue to continue development of such a great product. The one that calls to me the most would be an annual fee for X-Y users, e.g. 1-10 users = $, 11-25 users = $$, 25-100 users = $$$, etc. You'd receive yearly revenue from these users and we would receive updated copies of 1Password for Teams along with client software.

I realize this is long-term thinking and may take years to realize, but I wanted to put this on your radar because it seems like the next logical step in the evolution of 1Password. That and Linux support. =)

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  • robrob Agile Customer Care

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    Hi, @joliver1.

    Thanks for your post! Self-hosting 1Password for Teams is definitely on our radar. We're still gathering information from those who have expressed interest in such a solution so we can be better prepared when we are able to begin considering it. We have a brief comment about self-hosting in our FAQ, and if you are interested in it for your company, please use the link there to send us an email, and we'd love to have that discussion.

    One thing many people don't think about when requesting this option is the enormous cost it would take to replicate our infrastructure. For most companies and organizations, self-hosting is not going to be a feasible solution because of the cost and maintenance required.

    You may also be interested in this discussion about the location of 1Password for Teams data. We may be able to help those who need data storage outside the US at some point without their needing to self-host the entire service.

    Hope that helps!

  • any news on the self-hosted solution?


  • JacobJacob

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    Thanks for checking in @mefynn. I don't have an update to share here. As Rob mentioned, quite a lot of work would go into a self-hosting option, and it only makes it realistic for very large companies. If you're still interested, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] to talk a bit more about the specifics.

  • ok @Jacob whats very big for you? were arround 200... ill send an email on monday

  • JacobJacob

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    @mefynn Several thousand. ;) We'll explain more via email based on what your setup is. When you do send that email, post back here with the BitBot confirmation number so we can connect things and get back to you quickly. Thanks!

  • hey @Jacob the support id is #xjw-14835-912
    thank you!!

  • JacobJacob

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    Thanks! We'll get back to in just a bit. :)

    ref: XJW-14835-912

  • Our company is also interested in a self hosted version

  • Hey @ghostbiker! As my colleague in arms Jacob mentioned above, there’s quite a bit of work to be done regarding the self-hosting of a 1Password Teams account but it is something we’d like to look into. Feel free to send us an email at [email protected] to talk a bit more about the specifics as it relates to your company and we can make a proper record of our interest in this feature in our internal tracker though to be clear, it may be some time before we are ready to flip that switch. :)

  • Hi @SeanFoster! Any news regarding this feature? my company would really like to move to 1Password but our policy doesn't allow us to keep passwords in the Cloud....
    An ETA would be much appreciated :)

  • FrankFrank

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    Hi @dan_carter - Thank you for reaching out to us. I don't have any new updates to provide you with at the moment. We're definitely looking into it but as Sean mentioned before it's definitely a lot of work for us. We need to make sure any generic, self-hosted version would “just work” right out of the box (due to the mission-critical nature of what people use 1Password for), and it’s much harder to guarantee that over the range of hardware, OS, and other software a self-hosted version might have to run on/alongside. I will definitely make sure to update you if anything changes :+1:

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