Impossible to differentiate items which share the same name on Apple Watch

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I synced multiple items to my watch, including a few Google accounts.

In 1Password Mini/Desktop I leverage the fact that the username is shown in light grey to differentiate between accounts as I prefer to keep the actual name simple (i.e just "Google" rather than "Google - [email protected]"). On the watch, however, it just says "Google".

I'd love to see it include the username (and the password too, but that's a different story) so I know which OTP I need to type! At the moment, the watch is useless when signing in with a Google account as I have to randomly pick a "Google" entry and hope that the OTP it shows is correct for the account I'm singing in with.

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    @hellopablo: Ahh, interesting. Yeah, that would definitely be helpful. My data is so old that I still have usernames in the titles — it predates the username display feature you're referring to — so I wouldn't have thought of that! Icons help if they're different types of items, but custom icons would be better too. While this isn't something we'll be able to address now, we'll definitely keep it in mind as we develop future versions. Thanks so much for your feedback on this!

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