Finally updating to 6.5.5—do I really have to restart the machine?

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Hi. While not knowing why exactly this didn't occur earlier, I just started seeing the errors related to the provisioning profile expiration. I'll be updating soon.

The copious instructions you've provide are wonderful and clear, but I am wondering if I really have to restart the machine, or if I can use a bit of terminal fairy dust to kill processes, launch processes, and/or restart the SystemUIServer, etc. For reasons to esoteric to bother with here, I'd rather not restart the machine unless it's truly necessary, something I have to coordinate with other people to do or take a huge karma hit. Better if I don't bother anybody (except you guys ;-) ). I won't need (and would not expect you'd want to post) instructions on messing around in the shell.

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OS Version: 10.11.6
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    P.S. I take full and sole responsibility for proper use of the command line (very familiar with it) and won't bother you guys if I somehow cut off my own toe while I'm in there.

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    If you quit the browsers and 1Password main + mini before the install you should be fine. The 6.7 installer should actually force you to quit main/mini before continuing.


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    On behalf of Rudy, you're very welcome! If you have more questions or run into any problems, please let us know. :)

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