Safari extension not working when hidden [known issue when 1Password icon isn't in Safari toolbar]


I am experiencing the following problem: if I remove the 1P icon from my Safari toolbar (which is how I like it), once Safari is restarted, 1Password mini does not work anymore - it is missing from the contextual menu (right click) and the Cmd+\ shortcut does not work anymore. If I put the 1P logo back in the toolbar and restart Safari, the extension works fine again.

Why is this happening? Is it a bug?

1Password Version: 6.6.4
Extension Version: 4.6.4
OS Version: 10.12.4
Sync Type: iCloud


  • Hi @mmmmm,

    I believe somebody else has reported something similar in the last couple of days. I can't predict when a stable version with a resolution for this will be available in the Safari Extension Gallery so for now it will mean keeping the icon in the toolbar. A future version should allow this though.

  • Hi @littlebobbytables,

    Thank you for your reply. Thank you for acknowledging the issue and for the advice. I do indeed keep the icon in the toolbar at the moment, though, in principle, I don't want it displayed there.

    I've been using 1P for a few years now and have always had the app's Safari extension icon hidden from the toolbar and the extension has always worked until recently. So this must have been broken in the last update or two.
    I am looking forward to seeing this issue resolved.

  • Greetings @mmmmm,

    That does sound correct, we recently did a lot of refactoring to try and make things a lot easier going forward and it seems to be related to that. If I'm correct it would mean the recent version of the extension, 4.6.4 is the first to contain this oversight. I know this one bypassed myself completely as I have never considered hiding an extension icon in the past, didn't even realise it was an option until you raised it. Hopefully the icon being present is just an inconvenience and that it won't be for long.

  • I can confirm that this issue has been fixed in version 4.6.5
    Thank you again :)

  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    Thanks for following up! Glad that the update helped. :)

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