Creating Desktop shortcut by dragging 1Password login to desktop

I am using 1Password6 6.7.1 on Mac OS 10.12.4 purchased from your website.. I create a desktop shortcut to a website by dragging a 1Password login from the logins list to the desktop. When I double click this shortcut the website login screen opens but the fields are not filled in and the 1Password mini icon is disabled. I do not have any trouble logging into any site if I just open Safari and use the 1Password icon to pick a login from the list - this method works fine. Dragging the logins to the desktop to produce a shortcut to a website used to work OK. Something changed recently to cause this problem.

1Password Version: 6.7.1
Extension Version: 4.6.4
OS Version: Mac OS 10.12.4
Sync Type: None


  • rudyrudy

    Team Member

    Hi @grovepasser,

    I think you're seeing a side effect of an issue we identified with Safari extension gallery installed 1Password extensions. You can read more about it at


  • Rudy, thanks very much for this info. I went through the steps described and this fixed the issue of not being able to create desktop shortcuts from the password list. Looking forward to your permanent solution to this problem,

    Thanks so much, Jim

  • rickfillionrickfillion Junior Member

    Team Member

    Good to see that this worked for you. I'm sure the extension team is working on getting a proper fix out.


  • Hi Rudy: Has the Safari extension gallery problem been solved yet? Is it now ok to have automatic extension updates enabled?

    Thanks for your help, Jim

  • matthew_agmatthew_ag 1Password Alumni

    Hey @grovepasser,

    The latest version of the extension (4.6.5) is now available on the Safari Extensions Gallery so you should be able to re-enable automatic extension updates. :chuffed:

    If you'd like to read more about this, we've updated the Announcement post in our Forum which you can check out here:

    Let me know how that goes and if you've any questions about anything above don't hesitate to send a reply.

    Best regards,

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