How do I make 1Password show all options for a site?

I have multiple accounts for various websites (Google and Facebook being the most troublesome). When attempting to login to one of those sites, if I hit cmd+\, it auto-fills one of the accounts. With cmd+opt+\ it shows only 1 of the accounts with text like "Show 6 more items..." under it.

How do I make it always show ALL options?

Every accounts is set to "Display: Always" and "Submit when enabled" (which I never have enabled).
For Google, 2 of the accounts are marked as "Favorite", but those are never the ones that show up in the list.

The list shows like this:

1Password Version: 1Password 6 Version 6.7.1 (671001) AgileBits Store
Extension Version:
OS Version: macOS 10.12.5
Sync Type: folder / wifi
Referrer: forum-search:multiple accounts


  • I have just the same question, didn't find it, wanting intel!

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    Hey @jvinding & @jerryinal,

    This is actually something I see quite often, so you're not alone!

    The reason this is happening is because the sign-in page you are on doesn't match the website in some of your Login Items for Google. Many of my older Login Items for Google were created with as the website. However, nowadays most of Google's services redirect to a sign-in page at (with extra URL parameters). By default 1Password only shows Login Items that match the same domain and subdomain of the page you are signing in on.

    I believe if you look at the website stored in your Login Items you will see many of them don't have listed as a website.

    One way to fix this is by editing all of your Login items for Google and adding as an additional website.

    Another way is by enabling our 'Allow filling on pages that closely match saved websites' option on the Browsers tab in 1Password > Preferences.

    If you experience a similar situation on other websites, I recommend you try copying the URL of the sign-in page you are on and adding it to (or updating) the Login Items you use for that website.

    Let me know if making one of these changes works for you!

  • Updating the urls did the trick. Thank you.

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    @jvinding: You're welcome! I'm glad that worked. :+1:

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