Lost Iphone 6splus - how do I access 1password app stored data remotely?

My iPhone 6s plus was stolen. I had the 1password app downloaded and had stored data. How do I now access that data?

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  • bglavinbglavin
    edited June 2017

    Hello - I don't need to reset my password. I had an iPhone 6 plus S. I downloaded the free version of the 1 password app. I saved data there.

    My phone was stolen. I'd like to retrieve the data that was stored on the phone via that app. If necessary, I would be willing to pay to transfer the data in this app to a paid 1 password account.

    Please help me. I need to access my account so I can protect the data from my stolen phone. Is there anyone I can speak with live? If not, please just email me. Thanks.

  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @bglavin,

    I'm very sorry to hear your iPhone was stolen! :(

    It looks like you also emailed us about this and already have a conversation going with one of our team members. We'll keep the discussion going directly via email so we don't duplicate efforts or cause confusion between here and there. Cheers! :)

    ref: EZS-94414-963

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