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Apologies if this has been asked and answered before, but searching in the iOS 1Password app on both iPhone and iPad always seems to take about 15 seconds of spinning before any results appear. When using the extension to auto-fill a password it is fast. I am wondering if there is some way to re-index the database or something like that to make it faster.

1Password Version: 6.8 (680003)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 11.0(15A5318g)
Sync Type: iCloud


  • MrRooniMrRooni

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    Good morning @mirv. Thanks for writing in! When you're searching in 1Password are you searching "everything" or just "titles". Take a look at the segmented control below the search field and that will show you what you're searching. Searching everything can indeed take a little longer, but searching titles only should be lightning fast.

  • mirvmirv Junior Member
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    Yes I guess I was searching for "everything" and you are correct that changing it to just "titles" made it lightning fast. A huge improvement!

  • rudyrudy

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    Let us know if you find anything else!


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