1 password account for families issue with iOS

Hi looking for help from the community as support team are very busy.

I upgraded from 1PW4 to 1PW6 family version version firstly i id my own account on 3 devices Windows, and 2 x iOS devices, a little teething problems but was then all sorted so happily deleted my old vault and all is now working well on those devices.

I then added my mums iPad and the existing vault copied across and the right number of items show up when i hit private vault, however I can not then select them. I have attached a screenshot.

However if i login in to her account on her device all the items are there and usable. I have tried deleting the app, rebooting and reinstalling it to no avail. The same problem exists any ideas on how to get the app working is there some way i can delete the private vault and try moving manually.

1Password Version: latest app version for iOS
Extension Version: NA
OS Version: iOS 10.3.2
Sync Type: 1 password account


  • brentybrenty

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    @TheBeast: Thanks for reaching out — and for the picture. I’m sorry for the confusion! It looks like you've selected Settings (the "gear" icon) on the left and are viewing the Vaults configuration in 1Password for iOS. On the left, if you tap the "file cabinet" icon:

    it will show you the contents of the vaults. Definitely check out the guide for more info on how to get around in the app, and let me know if you have any other questions! :)

  • Thanks brenty what an idiot i feel! how can you close the support emails i have open. Many thanks

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    Thanks, @TheBeast. :) No need to feel like an idiot! I'm sorry this wasn't more clear.


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