Upgrading for 1P 4 - Can't Figure it Out!

I'm running 1P 4 on my 2 Macs, one is running 10.9.5, while the other is running 10.11. I would like to purchase, not subscribe, 1P 6 but it is all very confusing as to how to go about it. Are there STEP BY STEP directions on how I go about making the upgrade work without losing any data and without having to jump through any hoops? Will there be any issues caused by the two different operating systems? I just want this to be as seamless as possible.

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    Hi @Charles218 - Sorry for the confusion. 1Password 6 is compatible with Yosemite (10.10) or higher so you can use it on your one Mac running 10.11. It looks like you're currently syncing your data via Dropbox at the moment. Before downloading 1Password 6, I would recommend doing a quick backup to be on the safe side. 1Password 6 can be downloaded from the Mac App Store and you can still purchase 1Password as an in-app purchase if you prefer to not sign up for a 1Password membership. When you open 1Password 6 for the first time, from the welcome screen, under "Already using 1Password" select Dropbox. It might take a couple of minutes for your data to sync over after entering your Master Password. I hope this helped and let us know if you have any additional questions. :+1:

  • Frank - Thanks for your assistance,

    Lots of questions on my end, I'll start with just a couple for now. As I mentioned, I have two Macs, one is running 10.9.5 with 1P 4.4.3. When I ask 1P if it is up to date it responds "yes you are running the latest version of 1Password." My other Mac used to run 10.9.5 but I had to update it as it belongs to my employer and they updated all of their computers to 10.11. Somehow 1P also was updated from 4. something to 5.4.3. So it seems that I need to update the machine running 10.11 to 1P 6, or can I revert it back to 1P 4.4.3? If I do need to upgrade will there be any compatibility problems syncing between two different versions of 1P?

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    @Charles218: 1Password 4 and 1Password 6 use the same data format and actually share support folders, so you can literally replace the 1Password 4 app with 1Password 6 and not skip a beat).

    However, 1Password 6 does require Yosemite or later, so you would need to update the lagging Mac to accomplish this. Reverting back to an older version of 1Password or syncing between old and new brings with it some problems, but foremost is that while the data is forward compatible it is not fully backward compatible. And, in addition to that consideration, you won't have the benefit of any improvements made in recent years. You can find more information here regarding the issues and limitations of sticking with an outdated OS/browser/1Password version, but suffice to say we recommend the (free) upgrade on all counts.

    You can get the latest version of 1Password for Mac from our site and install that right off the bat on your Mac running El Capitan, and since any Mac running Mavericks can upgrade to at least El Capitan as well I'd do the same there. You'll be up to date with 1Password and its extensions, browsers, and also still receive security updates for macOS for a bit longer. I hope this helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any other questions! :)

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