More an observation...and suggestion

Recently installed the 1Password 6 subscription. Had "4" previously.
I am a simple user ... but find the 1. Auto Logon 2. The Identity and Credit Card form filling 3. Attachment of Documents to items
By far the most useful features.
Am very disappointed with the new Beta Chrome extension because the form filling is not available. So have reverted to normal extension.
But also (after migration) the attached files (mostly PNGs or PDFs) were separate item but at least RELATED.
I need to refresh some of these attachments and create new ones (or at least would like to).
Under "6" it seems that I can only add files to DOCUMENTS and there seems to no way to RELATE them to the related items.

I can see the new Beta MINI is quite nice...but as I said I really want..use the form filling.
Am I wrong about the forms (IDENTITYS and CREDIT CARDS) under BETA?
Is there a way of manually relating items (ie DOCUMENTS to other Items).

Link to my observations!Ah7F0Aqq6XT8oUwfu8bieCDy2uXq
S/W version in LINK

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Sync Type: 1PASSWORD Server


  • TullyTully 1Password Alumni
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    Hi @PBailey, and welcome (back) to the forums! Thanks for your feedback here.

    In short, the current beta version of 1Password fro Chrome does not yet support credit card or identity filling (read more about this in @beyer's post on the subject), and as you've discovered 1Password for Windows does not currently allow for manual linking or relating of items. Given this is available in 1Password for Mac, it seems likely that this feature will appear in our other apps at some point in future.

    I see you've sent an email in to support as well, so I've addressed your points in greater detail there – we can carry on the conversation via email if need be. Please keep us posted if anything further comes up!

    ref: GGC-16187-142

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