Problems connecting a device, issues in Opera

1password has become useless for me in Opera. I have been using it in Opera for years. Now, it does all kinds of things that screw me up. One thing it does is disable itself regularly and disappear from the menu bar. Sometimes re-enabling it gets it working again. More often than not, even if it shows up in the menu bar, when I click on it nothing happens, no entering logins and passwords, no drop down menu. I have to open the app separately and copy in the login and password. I does seem to work in other browsers.

Now another issue has arisen. On my iPhone, after shooting the QR code and entering my master password, when I try to activate it I get a message saying "No response code from server." What can I do to get past this?

I never had these issues before 1password started this subscription format. It is a fight to use what was once a labor saving app.

What's up?

It is upsetting as I have gotten used to trusting 1password and can't seem to trust it any more.


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  • Hi @kenoli,

    We seem to be looking at two very distinct issues. My area of expertise is the extension so I'd like to address that one if I may. The next time the extension disables itself can you check some things for us please.

    1. Is the 1Password Browser Extension button present in the Opera toolbar?
    2. Is the button disabled?
    3. If you check the list of installed extensions in Opera is the 1Password Browser Extension listed?
    4. If the answer to 3 is yes, is the extension showing as enabled?

    There could very well be other questions after this, this will just help us paint a better picture of what we might be looking at.

  • kenolikenoli Junior Member

    Thanks for your reply. Here are answers to your question:

    Is the 1Password Browser Extension button present in the Opera toolbar?

    When I first install or enable it. At first, it seems to work as it is supposed to. It tends to stay there for a while but remains non-functional. As I said in my earlier post, when I click on it nothing happens. After a while, the extension disables itself and the button disappears.

    Is the button disabled?

    I guess the answer is yes as nothing happens when I click on it. Although, at first at actually works for a while.

    If you check the list of installed extensions in Opera is the 1Password Browser Extension listed?


    If the answer to 3 is yes, is the extension showing as enabled?

    When I first install it and, for most part after that, it is shown as enabled. Once the button spontaneously disappears from the browser, then when I go to the list it is shown as disabled. I I re-enable it, of course then it is shown as enabled.

  • Hi @kenoli,

    Thank you for those answers. So a disabled button would suggest a connection issue between the extension and 1Password. That's one thing to solve. The other though, Opera disabling the extension, that I have never heard of and I'm at a loss to explain that. It kind of sounds like Opera has gotten itself into a bad state and if it were any other browser I would have steps to purge the extensions and see if that helps. Opera is a bit of unchartered territory for me though so let's try the following.

    1. Quit Opera.
    2. Move the Opera application bundle from the /Applications/ folder to the Trash.
    3. Open a Finder window and use the menu option Go > Go to Folder....
    4. In the dialog that pops up paste in the path ~/Library/Application Support/ and click the Go button.
    5. Look for a folder titled com.operasoftware.Opera. Select it and copy it to your Desktop. The copy is the insurance (hopefully never needed like all insurance).
    6. In the com.operasoftware.Opera folder you will see a number of files and folders. Move the following to the Trash:
      • Extension Cookies
      • Extension Cookies-journal
      • Extension Rules
      • Extension State
      • Extensions
      • Local Extensions Settings
    7. Download a fresh copy of Opera and install into your /Applications/ folder.
    8. Launch Opera and install our extension from "1Password Browser Extensions" ( 1Password Browser Extensions ).

    It's a bit of a blunt tool but we have seen the Opera installer mess up Opera's code signature so the fresh copy will eliminate that as a possibility. The rest is about purging the extension related files so it will require installing any extensions again and hopefully that will stop the extension from becoming disabled. If anything goes wrong you can quit Opera and copy the backup profile folder over the altered one and return to the starting point as if we didn't do anything. It should be required, it's just a precautionary measure.

    Let's see if there is any improvement and decide how to move forward based on what you report.

  • kenolikenoli Junior Member

    I'll give it a try. I was thinking this was the likely course, but thought I would find out if there were something specific to 1Password & Opera. Opera has been screwing up, sometimes refusing to quit.

  • Hi @kenoli,

    If it's any consolation we're not aware of any Opera specific issues beyond a very specific native messaging requirement but that wouldn't explain what you're experiencing. If you had been affected 1Password would have been nagging you and guiding you to the support page that corrects it. It also wouldn't explain the extension becoming disabled. Hopefully a new copy of Opera will behave and it will turn out something just got a bit messed up, something that is correctable.

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