New Yahoo email with 1Password

Recently upgraded to the new Yahoo email - first time I logged in after upgrade, got error message stating 1Password not yet supporting the new version of Yahoo email. Any idea when? Or does it now and I just can't find it? Thanks for any advise/info.


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    Welcome to the forums, dogwood95!

    I'm not sure what error message you saw. 1Password would never pop up a message like that. My guess is that it was unrelated to Yahoo Mail. 1Password works just as well with Yahoo Mail as it always has. Are you having trouble using 1Password in your browser? Could you please tell me what version of Mac OS X, 1Password, and web browser you are using?

    Do you see the 1Password button in your browser's toolbar? What happens when you select your Yahoo login on the Yahoo Mail login page?

    If you can provide some more details — ideally a screenshot of the error message if you can get it to pop up again — it would really help me help you. I'd love to get things sorted out for you. :-)

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