Plex login hidden behind button to reveal fields. Any workaround?

Plex recently changed their login window which hides the login fields behind a "continue with email" in addition to options for logging in with goggle or Facebook credentials.

This obviously breaks auto-fill, is there any work around?

1Password Version: 6.8.2
Extension Version: 4.6.11
OS Version: 10.12.6
Sync Type: iCloud
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    HI @nojohnny101 - I just confirmed this (seeing as I, too, am a Plex user!). I've actually manually saved a fresh login item in 1Password for Plex from that page after you click Continue with email, but attempting to launch it from the main window of 1Password fails -- it defaults back to the Google/Facebook/Email pop-up. As of just now, I don't see a way around it.

    If there's (still) a direct login page for Plex, I'm unable to find it online (which may be a function of this being too new a change for there to be much available via a Google search). I've tried a couple hacks to the URL itself, with no luck on that score either. We'll have to look into it further, but for now, I would say you'll need to manually click on the "Continue with Email" button and then your existing Plex login item in 1Password should work from the browser extension or keyboard shortcut -- at least mine did/does. Once you're signed in, you should at least be good until the next reauthentication Plex requires (which in my own experience isn't that often). Wish I had a better answer for you, but until we get a chance to look more closely at it, this is going to be your best option. Thanks for reporting it!

  • Thanks for the prompt response and looking into it. I posted over on the Plex forums as well and have gotten very little response. Seems to be bad UI design if majority of users (I would assume since google and Facebook authentication was not previously allowed) use the "continue with email" option, which is hidden.

    First world problems of course, what you described is how I am doing it now; clicking continue and then having 1password fill it in.


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    @nojohnny101 -- It's not my place to criticize the UI design of website's login pages, though this choice does seem to have reduced your options as a 1Password user. We've been dealing with a whole internet's worth of login pages for eleven years; they do what they do, and we try to make it work. Most of the time, we're successful. Occasionally, some of the choices made by a small handful of webmasters result in pages 1Password can't fill -- or can't fill easily. In this case, the Open & Fill mechanism of 1Password relies on the actual login fields being on the page when the URL opens. If they aren't (like in this case, where they seem to be obscured by an overlay), double-clicking from within 1Password just isn't going to work. However, as we've discovered, opening the page via a bookmark or manually in your browser will allow you to then use the browser extension or a keyboard shortcut to log you in successfully. It's not ideal, but the good news is that the login item will still work when invoked after clicking "Continue with email."

  • I understand. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I wasn’t asking you to criticize the UI design, just stating my opinion.

    As I stated, not a huge deal, just preventing me from being the latest creature on earth. :) thanks!

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    @nojohnny101 On behalf of Lars, you're welcome! :smile: If you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch. We're here to help! :smile:

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