[6.8.469 Beta] Item Update Offered, Accepted, but Not Updated-URL. Another Item, No Update Offer.

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Created a login with the wrong URL (sign up page). 1Password offers to update the item when I log in but does not though I click the update button. I'm guessing it's the URL, but no joy. Tried these both twice.

Saved: https://www.boxcryptor.com/app/signup
New: https://www.boxcryptor.com/app

At another site, it doesn't ask
Saved: https://pydio.com/en/user/6179/edit?pass-reset-tokenWOULDNTYOULIKETOKNOW
New: https://pydio.com/en/user/login

Edit: For the update offer, I did try the lock/unlock refresh.
Also, I have SGX enabled if that is pertinent.

1Password Version: 6.8.469
Extension Version: Chrome
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: 1password cloud


  • brentybrenty

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    @AlwaysSortaCurious: Thanks for reaching out! Sorry for the confusion there. 1Password should not change the URL in your login when you update it, only the username/password. You can certainly edit the login to change the URL if you wish, but since 1Password will not even offer to update an existing login if the URL is for a different domain it will not change that, only update your login credentials there.

    ref: xplatform/b5book!469

    Can you clarify this though?

    Doesn't ask what? Are we also talking about updating a login here, or just saving? Also, please let me know which version of Chrome you're using. Thanks in advance!

  • Sorry, the URL in 1Password is the first. When I attempt to login to the New URL, it does not prompt me to update the item. The reverse behavior.

  • brentybrenty

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    Sorry, the URL in 1Password is the first. When I attempt to login to the New URL, it does not prompt me to update the item. The reverse behavior.

    @AlwaysSortaCurious: The URL won't matter, since it's the same domain in both cases. Just to clarify, are you logging in there with a password different to the one 1Password has saved? If not, 1Password should not offer to update the login, per my comments above. Let me know if you're seeing something different.

  • @brenty Ahhh... I see now. I was thinking it was trying to update the web form details. It's only broken if it doesn't work the way I think it should work (regardless of what the devs did in the code! lol).

    OK, then maybe not an issue at all then, you tell me.

    Boxcryptor has a forum and the app login. Same domain, two different paths, two different users, and passwords (one far more complicated than the other). Might be then that 1Password sees both items and doesn't know what to do? So it offers me both to update?

  • bundtkatebundtkate

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    @AlwaysSortaCurious: I'm playing some catch-up here trying to get a handle on your problem, but it sounds like you have two different logins with the same domain and 1Password is offering to update one when you're using the other? Am I on the right track here? As brenty mentioned, 1Password shouldn't update the URL, nor will it matter for filling so long as the domain matches (unless you're using go and fill as it will open the exact URL you have saved), so that's unlikely to be the problem. If I'm right about the prompt being for the similar-but-not-identical item, could you share the login URLs for both? If nothing else, we can do some testing ourselves and see what we come up with. :+1:

  • Right, two logins same domain. Its the boxcryptor ine i was mentioning.

    App urls


    I guess I misunderstood how the feature worked, but I have a login for the actual app and a different login for the forum. When I log into the app part of the site it shows me both logins and asks me if I want to update something. I think I originally Miss understood it to be a confusion with the urls but I guess now it's the confusion with the logins.

  • brentybrenty

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    @AlwaysSortaCurious: Oh. Hey. Yeah, that's totally my fault for misunderstanding initially. Thank you for clarifying!

    Indeed, if you've got two separate sets of login credentials for the same domain, when you fill one 1Password may think you need to update the other. Does that make sense? I'm sorry about that. Our chief concern, though, is avoiding data loss, so 1Password:

    1. Will err on the side of offering to save/update logins, and
    2. save previously used passwords just in case you "update" when meaning to "save new".

    I wish there was a simple solution, but we'll keep working on ways to make 1Password smarter. :blush:

  • No Problem, I misunderstood at first as well too. I failed to realize 1) it did not update URLs like that, 2) I thought it was updating (based on point (1) the sign in URL to the standard login URL and 3) Failed to realize it was really referring to the forum URL. A filter subdomain feature might be nice.


  • brentybrenty

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    @AlwaysSortaCurious: Totally. We've experimented with some thing like that, but the problem is it breaks things for a lot of people. For example, I can name several accounts just off the top of my head which have switched from one subdomain to another, often multiple times, for their login forms over the years. I deal with this stuff every day, so it's just temporary head scratcher for me when this happens. But a lot of people aren't even aware of what subdomains/TLDs are (and, frankly, shouldn't have to be!) so we do try to tune things in such a way as to work well for the vast majority of users. Certainly that bites me sometimes too, and I'm sorry it's caused you some inconvenience in this case as well. You can always save a brand new login if you want to sort of "refresh" things (new URL, clear password history, etc.) though. Cheers! :)

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