will not take on another subscription want to buy a copy for my mac and wife and my iPhones

need to buy what than install agilibs 1 password on one Mac and 2 iPhones a six and a seven share password for wife and self on all three devices will not take on a subscription what and where do I buy for both phones i mac

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OS Version: current OS X current iPhone
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    Hi @openturtle,

    Thanks for taking the time to write in.

    We do not recommend attempting to share passwords without 1Password Families. The poor experience doing so was one of our primary motivators for building the 1Password.com membership service. Unfortunately it is just far too easy with 3rd party sync services for devices to “fall out of sync” for no apparent reason, and sometimes when this happens it goes unnoticed for some time. This can lead to a point where it is extremely difficult, or even impossible, to get this back in sync properly. When it works it is fine, but when it doesn’t, it is terrible. Because there is a much better solution available we can only offer very limited support if you do decide to go ahead and share passwords using a 3rd party sync service anyway.

    1Password Families would include everything that you’d need for you and your wife on all of your devices, but it is a subscription based service. If you decide that isn’t for you, you’d need a copy of 1Password for Mac, and may also want to consider the Pro features for 1Password for iOS:

    1. AgileBits Store - 1Password 6 for Mac

      (Single User license)

    2. Pro features in 1Password for iOS

      (sold by Apple on a per-Apple ID basis)

    Please note that unlike the subscription service these purchases are for the current version only, and do not include upgrades. Going this route you’ll be responsible to configuring syncing yourself. We have a guide available to help with that here:

    Sync your 1Password data

    I hope that helps!


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