Discussion.agilebits.com had minor issues on iPhone X

While I readily admit that my use case is obscure, this page has minor issues when trying to use it with third party browsers on an iPhone X. The forum appears to renders buttons with zero offset at the bottom of the screen and they are unclickable because the home bar/indicator prevents interaction in that area. In Safari this isn't as much of an issue because doing a tiny scroll up puts app UI elements at the bottom and the buttons move into a usable area, but with third-party browsers that don't put UI elements at the bottom they never become usable.

Here are a few screenshots including two from Chrome 62.0.3202.70 and one from Safari with the app controls visible. Note that the iOS screenshot tool does not always capture the home indicator, but there is a line there in reality


  • brentybrenty

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    @alanhoyle: Yeah that is weird. I have to be honest, we're still learning about accommodating the iPhone X in the app. I'm even less sure about the options that are available to websites. And while we have some control over the layout, we do not develop the forum software ourselves. We'll see if there's something we can do though. Thanks for bringing this up! :)

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