1Password Families pricing discrepancy

Hello there,

On https://1password.com/families/, the Families plan is advertised as costing $4.99 per month.
However, when I sign in to my account (I'm currently on an individual account), the option to 'Upgrade to a Family' costs $5.99 per month.

Why is the price I'm offered when signed in higher than that which is advertised on the public-facing page? How can I take advantage of the advertised $4.99 price?

Dan :)

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    @danjac: $4.99/mo is the price when paid annually whereas $5.99/mo is the price when paid monthly. Are you currently signed up for monthly billing, by chance?

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    Hello, I'm having the same issue. Guess it's with VAT/without VAT. Here's what it says on the dashboard:

  • I'm currently on annual pricing, $2.99 per month billed annually. In the Billing section of my account, Families costs $5.99 per month, billed annually.

    Here's a screenshot:

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    @ethanohayon: You may be onto something there. As an American, I know I do have a bit of a different experience here working in my native currency and being accustomed to not seeing tax included with the price. I asked one of my Aussie teammates to take a gander at what he sees and, indeed, he sees GST added to the upgrade price. Does the math work when accounting for your country's tax rate? What about you, @danjac?

  • @bundtkate Yes, the math works. It'd be cool if you could include VAT out of the US. Much clearer. Definitely feels kind of deceptive right now.

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    @ethanohayon: Unfortunately we can't do that. We don't if or how much tax should be assessed until you setup billing. Until then we have no idea what your billing address will be, which is the only way we have of assessing tax. I can't see how that's deceptive. You're asking us to give you information which depends on information you have not given to us yet. :(

  • Thanks for explaining the situation. The maths does appear to work, given the 20% rate of VAT here in France that would need to be included in the price.

    While I agree that on a public-facing page, it's not possible to know the user's tax information, I do agree with @ethanohayon that it looks deceptive, at least to someone who isn't aware of this tax information. This could be addressed by noting on the public-facing pages that the price is excluding applicable taxes. The price shown when signed in should also note that this time, the price includes taxes. Once users understand why the prices they see are different, no one's going to feel deceived.

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    @danjac : i think you're right. We've been working on some changes to help make some of those things more obvious.


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