Multiple devises syncing

I am using 1password on multiple devices i.e iPhone, iPad, surface, and PC. Years ago I tried using lockbox to synchronize 1password on the devices but it did not work well and often did not synchronize.

I read about your new syncing between devices but in my case each of my device does not share the exact same information because earlier dropbox failed to keep every devise current. I am concerned if I synced now older passwords could overwrite the correct newer passwords. also I do not have one devise database with all the current information.

Is there a way to backup all of my devices datafiles, and synchronize all of the information into one file. My goal is to get the current information from multiple devices clean it up and then synchronize with your family plan.

1Password Version: varies per devise
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: none


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