How long should browser extensions be left open?

How long should browser extensions be left open? If they are open are they secure?

1Password Version: 1Password 6 Version 6.8.4 (684001)
Extension Version: latest Firefox & Chrome
OS Version: 10.12.6
Sync Type: Dropbox
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    @orbit: This is entirely up to you and what you're comfortable with. If the extension is unlocked, then anyone at your computer can access your data (by copying and pasting your credentials, for example), so you do want to make sure your data is safe from unauthorized access if you're going to leave it unlocked. On my desktop PC, I don't have 1Password auto-lock at all, except on reboot or when Windows is locked. The rationale here being that my desktop is in my home office and if anyone else is around where they might be able to access my computer, chances are it's shut down and we're all in the living room being sociable. On my laptop and mobile devices, on the other hand, 1Password is set to auto-lock frequently as these are devices I might accidentally leave unattended outside of my home. In this case, it's worth it to me to need to enter my Master Password more often to protect my data from my tendency to be somewhat forgetful.

    That said, you know best what makes you feel comfortable your data is secure. Maybe you're less forgetful than I and unlikely to leave a mobile device unattended. Or maybe you have kids that might buy 10lbs of candy on Amazon using your login if you leave your home desktop unattended. The best choice for you is to use whatever settings make you feel confident your data is safe. :chuffed:

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    Very helpful and complete answer. Thank you!

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    No problem at all! If you have any additional questions, you know where to find us. :chuffed:

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