need license key for new team account. All I have is a secret key that doesn't seem to work?

I was using a personal account and upgraded to a team account for my company. when I try to change the license key, the new secret key doesn't work?

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    Welcome to the forum, @dgb0491! Sorry to hear you're having troubles just now. Licenses and accounts are two separate things; licenses are for the standalone version of 1Password, while accounts have Secret Keys, which are part of the encryption and security of a account.

    If you have a account, you'll need to access it via the web in order to be able to make changes like going from an individual to a 1Password Teams account or regenerating the Secret Key.

  • I want to use the old desktop version that has folders. How do I get a license key for that? the new version seems to use tags instead of folders which is not very user friendly in my case. which is why I want to use the desktop version for my business.

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    @dgb0491 I've shot you a quick email to the address you used to register for this forum, as we never like to discuss details of individual users' accounts or licenses on this public forum. If you don't see it in your inbox, please check your spam or bulk mail folders as sometimes unsolicited email from us can get marked as junk by overzealous spam filters (the NERVE! ;) ).

    ref: QRS-13238-985

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