I might have two accounts, but need only one

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Yesterday I signed up for 1Password and I think I inadvertently created two accounts. I received emails referring to these two accounts and two emergency kits with different secret keys. At one point yesterday I could see them both listed under Accounts, but now there is just one account, which is fine with me. Does anything need to be done about the account that was but now appears to be gone?

1Password Version: 6.8.4
Extension Version: 4.6.12
OS Version: OS 10.13.1
Sync Type: iCloud (?)


  • There are, indeed, two accounts, but the only place the second one appears is on the website. I tried signing in, but yesterday before I realized there were two accounts, I updated my master password and dutifully updated my emergency kit and destroyed the previous one. So, I have no master password for the account I didn't realize I had yesterday and do not want today. I've contacted a human at support, but maybe someone has an idea of what to do? Many thanks....

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    Hi @Fernerz,

    Apologies for the confusion! I can see that you've contacted us via email, and I've just responded, so let's continue our conversation there. :chuffed:

    I'm looking forward to getting this straightened out with you so we can get you up and running. Talk soon!

    ref: SSQ-99867-996

  • Hi Fernez
    I did the same as you. I have 2 accounts( the extra one done by accident) but only want one. I subscribed for a family membership. I posted a question on the forum but have had no answers. I also contacted support but no reply yet. I want to get on and get 2Password going on my devices but I don’t know which account to erase.
    I’d be grateful for your advice.
    Kind regards

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    Hi Jacques,

    We'll be in touch via email as soon as we can. We cannot discuss specifics of individual accounts in these public forums. Thanks!

    For anyone else reading that finds they are in this position: please email us: [email protected]


    ref: MKS-14633-696

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