Trying to Restore Purchase for pro features 1P keeps asking for the password for the wrong AppleID

Somehow my Pro Features were lost on my iOS 1Password account went away. I tried to restore them but it keeps asking for the password for the wrong AppleID. Where do I get to tell it which account to use for the Pro Features purchase?

1Password Version: 7.0.3
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 11.1.1
Sync Type: Not Provided


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    Hi @twojtyniak

    1Password can only check the Apple ID that you were signed into when you installed it for in-app purchases. If you installed it with a different Apple ID than the one you want to use you'd need to uninstall & reinstall 1Password. Please note that on iOS removing an app also removes all associated data. If you aren't syncing your 1Password data with another device you'll want to backup your data so that it can be restored after reinstalling:

    1Password backups

    If you are syncing with another device then the easiest way to get back up and running after reinstalling is to re-set up syncing using the same service you were using previously:

    Sync your 1Password data

    Please note that Apple's Family Sharing does not apply to any in-app purchases, including the in-app purchase for 1Password's Pro features:

    What types of content can I share with Family Sharing? - Apple Support

    As such you need to use the Apple ID that has the purchase on it, and not one that is part of the family sharing group with that ID.

    I hope that helps. Should you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to ask.


  • I understand it can only log at one AppleID. The question is: Where do I get to tell it which account to use for the Pro Features purchase?

    When I sign in with a different AppleID in the iTunes and App Stores settings panel, 1P doesn't change the AppleID it seems to be looking for, displaying the old one in the password dialog box when I try to restore my Pro Features.

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    You can’t. As I mentioned above 1Password can only check the Apple ID that you were signed into when 1Password was installed. Please give my above post another read. :) Thanks.


  • Please read my post. I am logged into the App Store preferences with the Apple ID used to purchase the pro features. One password is wanting me to authenticate to the wrong Apple ID. This used to work. I used to have the pro features enabled in iOS. There is something broken about the authentication. I can provide documentation if needed.

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    Good morning @twojtyniak. Thanks for explaining what you've done so far. I think we're on the same page, but just to be sure let me take it back to the beginning and walk through the whole solution.

    You have two Apple IDs (we'll call them B and C). You originally downloaded, installed, and purchased the Pro Features using Apple ID B. Since that time you started using Apple ID C. When you restored your iOS device you reinstalled 1Password using Apple ID C. Because your in-app purchase wasn't made with Apple ID C, your Pro Features can't be restored there. Now, given what you said above it sounds like you're signed into the Apple ID you used to make the Pro Features purchase in the first place. This is great! You can actually double check that you've got it right by tapping on this link on your iOS device:

    It should open up the iTunes Store app and show you your purchase history. You can change the timeframe (which defaults to 90 days) by tapping on it. Scroll through your purchase history until you find the Pro Features purchase.

    Assuming you've got it right, now we can set to fixing it.

    CAUTION: The instructions past this point are destructive to the information stored in 1Password on your iOS device. You must be syncing your 1Password information somewhere or have proper backups created and saved elsewhere before you proceed.

    If you're not sure if you're correctly syncing your information you can send us a Diagnostics Reports using this link: and we'll verify it for you.

    If you're sure you've got your information stored safely somewhere other than your iOS device, let's carry on.

    1. Make sure you are signed into the Apple ID you used to make your Pro Features purchase in the Settings app under iTunes & App Store.
    2. Delete the 1Password app from your iOS device.
    3. Open the App Store app and reinstall 1Password from the Purchased section under your account details.
    4. Open 1Password and restore your information either by syncing it or restoring from a backup you've copied over from your computer.
    5. Verify that the Pro Features are indeed restored under Settings > Pro Features.

    Let me know how that works out or if there's anything you need clarification on.

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