Really annoyed about linked documents not being sharable

I have lost a significant feature when I moved from the standalone version to the family subscription service. I hope you can tell me I'm just doing it wrong. I have many entries in my vaults with attached documents. Passport photos, license files, etc.

When I try to move these entries to a shared vault, I'm warned that the attached (linked) document will not make the move with the entry. That's unworkable for me and I would think unworkable for everyone else.

Please tell me I'm doing it wrong???

1Password Version: 6.8.4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 10.13.1
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  • Have you tried creating a test item directly in your shared vault?

    Create a test item, upload a file to it and see if everybody else can access it.

    I don't use shared vaults but from your description I think that my suggestion may resolve the issue. If it doesn't then it's a feature limitation but come back on here and let us know what the outcome is.

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    @nosillacast: Indeed, you can upload Documents and link them right within the shared vault. As before, it isn't possible to link items between vaults, as each vault is encrypted separately. In fact, linked items are a new feature in accounts. You can also link items after moving them between vaults if you wish. If you'll give me a better sense of what you're trying to accomplish I may have other suggestions as well. :)

  • Thanks, Brenty and Darren. Here's an example. Hazel's software licensing scheme is to give you a file to drag on the app. I added that document to my entry for Hazel to 1Password in my Primary vault. Months later, my husband needed it, so I moved it to our shared vault. I was given a pop up warning me that the linked file didn't make the journey.

    I often work this way with entries that are only for me, and only later moving them to Shared when required. I can't predict what will need to be shared at a later date.

    Maybe "linked" documents is new, but attaching documents is not, and I used to be able to move items between vaults with the attached documents intact. To my knowledge I can't attach any longer in the new version. I make this assumption because when I migrated my vaults, my attachments became linked documents. I hope I'm wrong!

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    @nosillacast - so, attachments function a little differently than Documents. In standalone 1Password, you would attach files directly to the login (or other) item itself -- the file you attached would literally be a part of that record, inaccessible unless you had the details view of that particular item open.

    Documents are a more versatile way to add external files to 1Password. In 1Password accounts, you no longer attach a file (jpg, pdf, doc, whatever) directly to a single login item. Instead, you create a Document. Documents are individual 1Password items in their own right - they have separate UUIDs, and a category all their own. The benefit of this is that you can link a given document to as many other record types in 1Password as you like.

    You mentioned Hazel software; I'm a user myself, so I know exactly what you're talking about. You can still click the plus button in 1Password in the main window and choose the Document type, then drag in the .hazellicense file. This will be a searchable, individual item in 1Password, and from there, you can go to your Software License item for Hazel, click Edit, and then click "Link Existing" (item) and locate the .hazellicense Document and link the two. You can also add them directly when creating the Software License entry by clicking "Add New" -- the only difference is that instead of an attachment, you're creating a Document.

    Just one example of where this comes in handy is if you purchase a software bundle - one of those "Ten Apps for $49.99" deals? Usually, you get ten individual software licenses, one for each project, but you also get a receipt. The problem is, it's a receipt for the full bundle, not for each license, because you purchased them as a bundle. So after entering all the Software Licenses into 1Password, if you want to associate a receipt with each one (which I do just as a "paper trail,") in the past, you'd have had to upload TEN individual attachments, one copy of the same receipt attached directly to each Software License item. With Documents, I upload the receipt PDF once, and then can just link to it from each of the ten Software License items.

    I hope that's explained the differences a bit more clearly. The bottom line is that if you have a document (nearly any form of file) save in 1Password, you can link it to any number of other 1Password records. Hope that helps! :)

  • Lars - thanks for explaining the benefits. The bundle example really would be useful.

    But none of what you said explains how I can share a 1P entry with a linked document to my shared vault so my husband can use it.

    Please explain to me how (without a whole lot of manual labor) I can move an entry in 1P between two vaults and have the document move with it to the shared vault. As I said, I don't always know ahead of time that I need to move an entry to the shared vault and I don't want to create them there and clutter up his primary vault.

    Please tell me I don't have to right click, move the entry, then click on ok about the linked document being lost, then right click on the linked document, move it over, then go into the entry in the shared vault and relink them?

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    @nosillacast: You can move multiple items between vaults at once by holding ⌘ to select more than one at a time. Then right-click to do the actual moving.

    That way you can move them in a single step. All of their details are retained, but since each vault is encrypted separately (that is necessary, or everyone would be able to access everyone else's vaults) they each need to be re-encrypted and get new IDs when being added to a different vault, which breaks the links. So you will need to link them together again afterward if you want them linked again. It's definitely a bit of an inconvenience, so hopefully we can find a way of doing this securely in the future. Thanks for letting us know that's something you'd like us to work on! We do not, however, want to assume that a user wants to move an item and all other linked items when they are just selecting a single one to move. So you can always select more than one yourself if you want to do so.

    I totally get what you mean though. And I think Hazel is a great example. For apps like that for which I have family licenses, I just put those in the Shared vault to begin with. That way everything is setup the way I want, family members don't have to nag me to share them, and it's less work for everyone...and in cases like Hazel the only thing that is needed is a single Document, since they use a license file instead of a bunch of other stuff. And then with licenses which are specific to me and not for the family, I keep those in my own vault instead.

    Also, you can't "clutter up his primary vault" by putting items in the Shared vault. He'll have his own Private vault, which you cannot clutter up at all: only he can access it. And if he doesn't want to see the stuff you share with him all the time, he can view only his Private vault, or exclude some vaults from the All Vault view:

    Using All Vaults

    It's pretty configurable, so both of you can have things setup just the way you want...yet still switch to the Shared vault (or others) any time as needed. Cheers! :)

  • @brenty If I understood this right, the "only" problem is that items have to be re-encrypted in the target vault (which is understandable) and get new IDs this way.
    Would it maybe be possible that 1Password would "tag" items belonging together with the same tag so the target vault knows they need to be re-linked again? If I'm not mistaken, tags survive the copy/move procedure to a different vault.
    Maybe this tag could even be invisible to the user so that the apps don't get cluttered with those tags.
    Just my 2 cents ;)

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Yes, something in that same vein may be possible in the future. :)


  • I hope it's the near future and not the "everyone has a flying car"-future ;)

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    @Manaburner: Me too! :lol:

    I can't promise anything at this stage, but Documents and linking items are areas we're really interested in making more flexible and useful.

    And I am looking forward to the flying car thing as well. :tongue:

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