after switch from family account to personal account billing seems incorrect

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I have just switch from a 1Password family account to a 1Password personal account as I was the only one using the family account. The family account was paid up until February 21st 2018, additionally there was a $5 credit for the account. However when I look at Billing it looks as if there is no more credit, i.e. that I need to start paying right away, see the picture attached. I may misinterpret the billing information, can someone from AgileBits help?

Wil Dieteren

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    Only just noticed that my account is frozen, brrr.

    Wil Dieteren

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    Hi @WilDieteren

    It looks like you also emailed us about this issue. As we may need to get into some specifics for your account I think it would be best if we handled this there, rather than on these public forums. We’ll get back to you via email ASAP. Thanks!


    ref: VRK-16777-564

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