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By now, Teams/Families has come quite a long way. There is very little left to want at the moment, but one glaring omission is the lack of smart folders in Teams/Families, or at least some way to replicate it. With standalone vaults, I used Smart Folders to perform exclusionary tracking to note, for example, which items had not been dispositioned in a particular manner. Any chance of adding this? Thanks.

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  • brentybrenty

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    @cobaltjacket: Ohhh you must be a Mac user! ;)

    It doesn't come up much since other platforms have never had this feature, but it's definitely something a want everywhere as well. That said, we can't in its current form (in 1Password for Mac), as it's heavily dependent on macOS features. However, something like "saved searches" is on our wishlist to be available in 1Password everywhere in the future. I can't say for certain if or when we'll be able to achieve that, as it will be quite a lot of work across 6 apps and behind the scenes, but if we can make it happen, we will. :)

  • Hi,

    I'd like to weight in on this subject.

    As a long-time user and great fan of 1Password, I am currently in the process of moving from local vaults synced over Dropbox, which me and my wife used mainly on macOS and iOS, to 1Password Families, with usages from macOS to iOS, to Windows, to Android. I used to make a heavy usage of folders, which I'm ready to replace with tags.

    BUT as @cobaltjacket, I tracked recently created and not yet filed items with a smart folder. And I am now cruelly lacking this possibility to look for items with no tags — or I may have missed a way to do so.

    Actually, I tend to think that this particular usage of smart folders, namely looking for items with no folder/tag, amounts to 80% of the use of smart folders. Be it true or not, I strongly believe that implementing this particular feature — something like a special, smart but built-in, tag that gathers untagged items — would be a great quick win: far less complex than full-blown smart folders/saved searches, yet highly useful.

    Hope I convinced you to consider this wish for prioritisation!


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    @bbds: Your use of Smart Folders is quite, um, smart ;) -- and I want to make sure I reinforce what brenty said up above: we definitely want to do this, but it needs to be done in a cross-platform manner. You've been able to utilize this feature in the past with standalone 1Password because it's possible on the Mac. OS X (and now macOS) makes it relatively easy for us to implement. But with the advent of, we have to come up with a way that doesn't rely on the abilities of any particular OS, if we want it to truly be a feature of 1Password and not just a boutique feature of one of our native clients.

    What works for macOS or OS X in this regard doesn't on Windows or Android and that's a major part of why, to date, this feature simply hasn't existed on those platforms. We need to research and properly (i.e. both securely and stably) implement some version of saved searches (which is basically what Smart Folders on the Mac are), that works across all four platforms as well as our web interface. Although I'm not one of the people looking at the code on this, I've little doubt we CAN do it, but it's not quite the trivial matter it might seem if you're coming at it from the Mac side. Nevertheless, if it helps, we'd like to see this one as well -- probably almost as much as it sounds like you would, so keep an eye on updates, and hopefully we'll have something for you in the not-too-distant future.

  • Hi @Lars,

    Thanks for the answer — and the comment on smartness!
    As a developer, I cannot but agree 100% with you that saved searches are definitely a doable feature, but not a trivial one if cannot benefit from something like macOS support.
    This is why I suggest to implement a shortcut to allow users to access untagged items.
    (But again, as a developer, I realise that this suggestion is typical of what I call a sales rep request: 'why don't you "just" implement this "simple" version of the feature?' ;) )


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    @bbds LOL @ "sales rep request." We're actually luckier than most in that regard, because many of our sales folks came from a CS background -- in fact, ALL of us here, including the founders, do CS on a regular basis. We feel as if it keeps us in touch with what you all are experiencing, even (perhaps especially) if dealing with customers is not our primary job. That's why on any given day, instead of me or brenty, you might find your question getting answered by Dave or Roustem or another developer. Thanks for the understanding on features, and have a great weekend! :)

  • So, dumb question. I understand everything stated above about Smart Folders being macOS specific and a cross-platform saved search approach being the way forward. But why is it that for macOS (1Password v6), where Smart Folders work for local vaults, do they not work for Families/ vaults? From a user perspective a vault is a vault...

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    From a user perspective a vault is a vault...

    I understand that perspective, but it just isn’t the case. Membership vaults are quite different from standalone vaults both in terms of customer facing features and how they work under the hood. Membership vaults have never had Smart Search on any platform as far as I can remember.


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