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I'm a little disapointed that for a company based in Canada you offer no support in "French"!!! I've been using 1PW since 2010 and here we are 7 years later and still nothing. At first, I was willing to accept that the company was spending more efforts on the product itself and I was proud that such a beautiful and helpful app was made in Canada!!

Also I must say that I find, there is not much info or tutorial to explain the various features, no user guide... for such a sensitive app!!!

Hope to see one of my favorite app move forward!!!

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    Have you seen the support pages ? https://support.1password.com I only ask, as I just now hoped over there and found it in a few languages I didn't expect. Its been some time since I needed to visit the support site. So the languages could have been there for some time.

    If I recall correctly they elected to have an online guide/guides that can be changed and amended as needed vs a traditional guide, since the app is ever changing evolving.

    As to videos see the youtube videos which is also linked to from the support site above.

    Edit : Every time I post it here the software parses it and tries to display it. Which I am not wanting to do as it fails to load anyway as its the main landing page for all 1Password vidoe's and not a video file itself.

    But as you mention, I found none in French, though if I did I would be confused and hard pressed to understand it. I took Latin, oh so many years ago. Even Spanish is a little distant for me, though, I do get a few words and phrases here and there.

    I know at times they seek help translating the app and other items. Maybe you would be willing to lend a hand in 2018? That is, If they are accepting help at this time. I am not privy to those things. However, I am sure they would be willing to hear from you. You can also drop them an email at [email protected]

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    @MamZelle: You're right; we don't have very much in French at all part from all of our native apps. I'm sorry about that, and it's something we're working to change. You won't see much of that as it's behind the scenes, as we've been adding translations and subtitles to our support articles and videos; and unfortunately French is further down the list of requested languages, so we've been focusing on others first. And, perhaps most importantly, we've also been laying the groundwork for it to be easier to translate everything, from articles and videos, to the whole 1Password.com service. I really appreciate you sharing not only your kind words, but also constructive criticism, reminding us that French language support is important to you and many of our other Canadian (and, of course, French!) customers as well. Happy new year! :)

  • Hi,

    I am French precisely and it is also something that bothers me.

    I come from Dashlane, which is perfectly translated, and the fact that neither the applications nor the webapp are translated is a big problem.

    When do you think you can integrate our language?

    Thank you

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    @Sebastos: Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the confusion! All of the 1Password apps are localized in French, with the exception of the new Windows version, which is not localized at all yet. The 1Password service itself is not localized at all, as we're working on supporting that on the server side, as I mentioned above. We don't have plans to only add French, so I can't give you a date for when that one language in particular will be added; rather, we're going to do that for all the languages we can once it is possible, with all of the pieces in place.

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    Thanks for your answer.

    I'm sorry too for the confusion. Indeed my iOS app is localized but not the "categories". Like "Secure notes" should be "Notes sécurisés" or "Credits cards" for "Carte de paiement".

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    That is because the categories come from the 1Password.com service, which is not yet translated, rather than from the app itself. We are working to localize 1Password.com, but there is a lot to be done, so it is a long road.

    Thank you for the feedback.


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    I do translate on Crowdin for the Android part. How can I help for the 1password.com/eu project in French?

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    We aren’t quite ready for help with translations yet. We’re building the infrastructure that will allow us to present 1Password.com in other languages.

    We’ll post more information when we’re ready for help. We appreciate your enthusiasm, and your assistance with 1Password for Android. :)


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